Baker's Funeral Handbook

A Resource for Pastors
Paul E. Engle

This conscise, highly-regarded guide walks you through the process of planning and solemnizing a funeral, so you can focus more on helping those left behind.


Product Description

Comprehensive, creative, and up-to-date, Baker's Pastoral Handbooks have become indispensable resources for pastors, lay leaders, and seminary students. Each pocket-sized book has leather binding and a ribbon marker and includes planning charts to photocopy.

Baker's Funeral Handbook frees a minister to concentrate on comforting those left behind, rather than busying them with funeral service planning. It includes funeral and memorial services from nine denominations, graveside services, and special situation services. Resources for planning services and messages are provided, including quotations, illustrations, and last words.

User reviews

A great guide for a difficult time

By James Halbach, Saint Paul, MN

Funerals are never pleasant and never easy. When my father passed away, I knew it would be the first time in many years I would see certain friends and members of my extended family. There is just so much to deal with after a death between managing your grief and making accommodations for all the family members which will be visiting. I was worried I wouldnt be able to really sit down and write a heartfelt eulogy for my father. A close friend of mine, who happens to be a minister, suggested the Bakers Funeral Handbook. It proved to be a tremendous help. This handbook is full of prayers, religious sermons, and biblical excerpts which can be used when performing any eulogy or funeral. Anyone who has ever had to perform a funeral or eulogize a loved one knows how hard it can be. Even the slightest bit of help in those hard times is worth it and finding this book was truly a blessing.