Pastafarian Barrett Fletcher delivering the opening prayer at government meeting
September 23rd, 2019

A Pastafarian pastor in Alaska delivered the opening invocation at a government meeting, complete with colander on his head. The incident is just the latest in Pastafarians pushing boundaries and poking fun at religious belief. Continue reading

Woman wears colander hat
August 20th, 2018

The highest Dutch court ruled that Pastafarianism is not a real religion, denying a Dutch student the right to wear a colander in her I.D. photo. Should the government be able to decide what is a “real” religion and what isn’t? Continue reading

March 26th, 2012

Maybe you are one of them–women, and even some men, who have secreted away from the church pew to summon the goddess in the sacred grove. The trend is growing, it seems. More people are searching for spiritual fulfillment by … Continue reading