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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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Please note that all prayers are read before they are posted. It may take up to 1 week for your prayer request to appear.

This Week's Prayers

Kenneth - Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

I have a very personal spiritual path. A part of it is an honest desire that whatever faith another person believes in, and that encludes no faith at all for the athiest, that they become the best in the way they've accepted that they can be. And that they live and let live, desiring only that the other person be the best in their chosen path that they can be. I would ask that anyone and everyone who reads this please pray, or if you don't pray then please hope for me, that I live up to my own philosophy as stated above. All I want for myself is to be the best devotee of my God (everyone's God is one) that I can be. Thank you. And the Universe bless you all.

Paulette Sunday - Scranton, PA, USA

Pray that the wrongful death of my newborn baby girl named miracle justice be served. Pray for me and my husband and older boys who are having a hard time dealing with this as well as myself my only hope is in good that truth shall come to life and justice be served that are first and only baby girl deserves to be pray we get answers to this wrongful death and that we have strength and hope and be able to maintain raising our children while mourning her death and that justice is served for a precious angel thank you and God bless

Paul - Sydney, NSw, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me of my abdominal problems, thanks and God bless,

Honolulu, HI, USA

Please pray for my daughter, Ann, who suffers from anxiety, depression and mental illness. Pray that her mind be clear, alert, stable, peaceful. Give her clarity of mind so she is able to recognize the truth and ability to make clear decision. Give her a good mind, a teachable spirit and an ability to learn. Instill in her a desire to attain knowledge and skill. Heal her from the spirits of any addictions to drugs, spirit of low self-esteem, anythings that is not of God. Guide her to give up her weed addictions so she can see the light. Please give her the wisdom she needs to choose friends who not an addict. Deliver her from anyone with ungodly character so she will not learn that person’s way. Take away any loneliness or low self-esteem that would cause her to seek ungodly friendship. Please bring role models, mentor into her life. I am a desperate mother who have been praying for years, I need God’s help to take away my daughter’s drug addiction, her evil spirits, evil friends and influences from her soul.

Buddha For President - Springfield, Ohio, USA

Dear JesusGod The Father !!!!! Give Me The Power !!!!!! In Jesus' Name We Pray - Amen !!!!!!

Kellu - Phoenix, Az, USA

Please pray for my mother, Lana, who just passed. Please wish her peace, joy and love in whatever comes next.

Paul - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me physically. Chest and cold issues. Thanks, Paul

Jacob Penland - Riverside, CA, USA

I am close to getting my Honorary Doctorate. Ill be a Doctor. I want to be a Doctor Maybe youl pray for me Please. Minister Jacob Penland.

Linda - Springfield, MO, USA

Please pray that I get my sis tomorrow and the mailman didn't make a mistake with the mail.

Christina Rose - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Please pray that my housing situation becomes rectified and that I also would have my medical situation, recovering from Bowel Resection surgery, to be healed. Thank you and Blessings

kevin - sedalia, mo, USA

I need prayers for my health as I twisted my ankle over two weeks ago and still in pain . And I need prayers for my family while I am going through a career change .thank you !!! Amen

David - Shoreline, Washington, USA

May the God of Peace lift you up to serve others. May he show you that you are the hands of God and the voice of God for those in need,

Norman - Cygnet, Ohio, USA

I pray that when I have my message tomorrow for Mt.Zion church that when I speak it is not my words but the words from God.

Chris - Box Elder, SD, USA

I am needing prayer about needing a good job and strength to see myself as a good person.

Heather - New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

Comfort those who lost loved ones in the tragedy in Orlando. Comfort my cousin whose daughter lost her fight with depression. Thank you for sending your son to heal our world.

Yvonne Edwards - Birmingham, AL, USA

Pray that I get a good job by July

Nancy solook - vero beach, Florida, USA

I pray everyday for the women of Ginny's Place. I know they are scared and think they are alone. I pray they know they will never be alone and as scary as this transition is we will stay with them as long as they need or want. I pray in Jesus name

taime - lukeville, AZ, USA

thank you spirit for bringing me to my knees and then putting this right in front of me, as soon as i saw it i felt a breaktru and an inspiration of happiness. blessed be in the name of the I AM ( me in god, as god in me) the holy scriptures (the father, the son, and the holy spirit) , as in all of man concieved and born in his image. amen

Joel - Tyler, TX, USA

Great Architect of the Universe, I come before you today to thank you for the many blessings you have already bestowed upon me. I ask that you glance your loving eyes upon my Brother In Christ, Brown C. and his family. I pray that you continue to help him and his family through his illness and that your Perfect Will be done. I ask those who glance upon this to pray with me for the sake of Brown and his family. We are your loving family. Amen

Kameron - Massillon, Ohio, USA

I really do hope that the situation for David from Massachusetts improves. Sounds like the guy has it real rough wherever he is. Keep your heart open, David. You'll hear the word of God soon enough. My heart goes out to you, man. Amen.

Richard Roby - Mount Washington, Kentucky, USA

For me to be healed of all pain in my back and hips to get rid of all diseases and problems in my body and mind. To be normal again and live a pain free life and Live for God almighty, Thank you Lord amen.

Patrick J Bell Ii - Salem, WV, USA

First God, maker of all things I stand before you as you made me, in not but my fur. Blessed be the whole of your creation and may it this day please you as it did on the first day. Let me walk today with your hand on my shoulder as you walked with the first man. I am as you made me and I would be no other. I am as all your creations perfect in your sight, and care not what I am in the sight of any others. Guide me this day to walk proudly and softly that my steps leave but ripples in time. Protect me from dangers if it is your will and grant me the strength to protect others from danger as it be thy will. Let me not hunger or thirst lest it serve your need and let me relieve the thirst and hunger of any I find in need. Your are the fountain of the seed eternal in all men which flows, the spark of compassion, the waters of life, and the joy of joys. Now and forever unending.



Randy Crawford - Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA

To be a successful yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant, Medium and Metaphysical Teacher Practitioner, so that I can help other individuals become spiritually enlightened, healed, have closure of loved ones, guide others in the right direction and educate others on the many positives of the Metaphysical world.

Patrick - Astoria, Oregon, USA

Dear God and all those who see this. Please pray for my friend Trentne. He is in need of dire help with his internal struggle. Ever since he became depressed, his outlook on life has dropped and I fear for his life.

AliceA - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

CREATOR of The Universe & KING of Kings We Come to You in Gratitude for Yesterday, Tomorrow..and are MOST THANKFUL For "The PRESENT' From YOU of Today!!-). It's SOO Wonderful To Know That "We Are Yours and YOU Are Ours", 'Sweet SAVIOR'!!! We PRAISE YOU, JESUS For Everything Because "ALL Things Made By You Have A' Our Purpose Is To Again Become Aligned In FELLOWSHIP W YOU, 'Dearest LORD & REDEEMER'!! May YOUR WILL Be Done On Earth As It ALREADY Is In Heaven and in 'Our Heart of Hearts'!-). It Is In The WORTHY & POWERFUL Name of YESHUAMESSIAH That We WORSHIP Only YOU, Our 'PRINCE of PEACE'!! AMEN!!! AMEIN!!..and AMEN!-).

Onyango - Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya

Dear Lord, I thank you for the day that you have given to us, and for the life you have given me and to my brotherenssisters. I pray to my country Kenya, let there be peace amongst us Lord as we will be going for elections next year. Make us to love one another as you made our body parts, they support each other without complain. I ask this praye in the name of the most high God Lord Amen.)

Laura - Detroit, MI, USA

May all people recognize the light and love of God in each other. May everyone remember that we all have many angels that will help us with our problems, if we just ask them to help. May all people treat animals with kindness and dignity. Amen and thank you.

kingsley - Northampton , Northamptonshire , Great Britain

Oh Lord please use me beyond my imagination and impact in me the power to spread your word around the world and again I humbly request for a supernatural breakthrough in every areas of my life in Jesus Name, - Amen

Protima - Delhi, Delhi, India

My husband needs a job URGENTLY ! PLEASE PRAY.

Washington Andebe - MORENO VALLEY, California, USA

I would like prayer extremely if you have the spirit and willing desire to pray for me for I have the pressure of the world and enemy on back for quite a period , I would like prayer for God's divine intervention and hand to break all opposition and give me wisdom with grace , love , mercy and providence to have a better realtionship with him. It will be highly appreciated

Brande Michael - Columbus, Ohio, USA

Lord God, Please hear my prayer! My uncle Scott whom is only a few years older than me has yet returned to the hospital. He still has severe symptoms of a heart attack. Please watch over him and heal his body and let him get well soon. Amen!!

Mellyz - Quintana Roo, Please Select, Mexico

May I please request the healing prayers for Jerry & Mellyz relationship to heal the past and move us forward to a place of unconditional love . with love and gratitude Mellyz

Colleen - Syracuse, NY, USA

Dear Heavenly Father, The animals and people of earth need your constant love and care. Please help us learn to follow your ways and care for your earth and all inhabitants. Please let us worship you in holy and majesty and learn to love you and all people in the name of your son Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus.

annette - Seattle, WA, USA

I am so sorry to ask again, but I don't know what to do and where to turn. Please I am begging you for your prayers for my son D start working, finding a job with Lord guidance and wisdom. Please help my son M to settle the lawsuit and both parties are happy with outcome, finish from it. This is taking toll on all of family, please help. Help me with my business do well, it's so slow, I don't know what to do anymore, I am end of my rope with worry, anxiety, failure, no matter how much I pray, nothing is working for me regarding these three matters, please help, I am begging you, I am 65 years and cannot take this pressure in my life, help me. I have always been good person, never tried to hurt anyone, why am I being punished, please help me

Carroll - Portland, Maine, USA

A.M. - Thank you O Lord, For these thy gifts, I am to receive from your bounty. Amen. P.M. - Thank you O Lord, For these thy gifts, I have received from your bounty. Amen.

paul - marrickville, NSW, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me of my chest complaint. Please also pray for marlene who is in hospital that she would be healed. Thanks

Jim - Powell, Ohio, USA

I need a prayer not for me but for my girlfriend Karen. She has terrible back pain that radiates down her legs. I pray that she gets relief from this pain and can live a healthy and functioning life. Thank you.

Karen - Rockford, Il, USA

Please guide us to make the right choice in our upcoming election cycle. I have never been as afraid for our country. Help us regain sanity and rid us of the meaness currently prevalent.

Lisa - NYC, New York, USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for each and every breath I take, for the gift of love and joy within me, and for your divine guidance that never fails. Thank you for all the people, and creatures in my life. I give special thanks for the Angel VJC, and may he have his heart's desire and joy and love all the rest of his days. Pure Awesome

Barbara - Dallas, Texas, USA

Holy Father, please find it in your heart to help my baby brother find comfort and strength in you love. Let him not be afraid, let him enter your world without pain & suffering , Amen



Paul - sydney, nsw, Australia

Please pray that God would heal me of my chest and knee complaints. AMen and thanks. Paul

Russell - United Kingdom

Heavenly Father, I pray for tolerance and love for each other in this time of upheaval in the world, give us the strength to show love through our daily deeds, in your blessed name we pray.

Netanya - Duluth, Minnesota, USA

My friend found out yesterday that she has a heart murmur. Pray for her.

Bruce - Olney, MD, USA

Pray for my fiancé as she battles a problem with drinking.

Marivi - weehawken, New Jersey, USA

Please send prayers for my body to be completely cancer free and to remain that way and return to my original strong state of health and that I may recover from falling behind in all my debt and give me what I need to support my family..thank you

Anderson - USA

Prayer for reconciliation of marriage, with strength, peace and a bright future for Melissa and I

Damian Barker - Cheltenham, Glos, United Kingdom

Please pray for my Dad, Michael who is critically ill after a major heart operation. May God bless you. Damian. 

Stephanie - Broomfield, CO, USA

Dear God, I pray for a miracle and mercy for William today – please lord intervene – send angels, send love, send divine intervention on his behalf. Thank you lord for your abundant and merciful influence in this matter. Amen