Absolution of Sins
& Grant of Plenary Indulgence

Please be sure to read this whole message from Brother Martin before you proceed, in fullness of heart and sincerity of mind. Thank you.

When we first realized the need for Forgiveness of Sin, the Internet was so new that we did not know if people would believe our sincerity. We didn't know whether they would be suspicious of our intentions, not believe this could be done, or even believe that they were worthy.

We are sincere, this can be done, and you are worthy.

In the Confirmation of Ministerial Ordination Message we announce to new ULC Ministers that the Church Board of Directors has authorized ULC ministers to "forgive sins" if they accept that practice as within their belief system.

For those who accepted the belief, Br. Martin granted forgiveness for misdeeds immediately. The opportunity for peace of mind and pureness of heart was provided; many accepted and some declined. Time passed and the practice continued at a rate of as many as 200,000 new online ordinations, and new opportunities, each month.

No one is required to accept the practice of forgiveness of sins, but it is there for those who want to provide the rite to others that also believe in it. The Catholic Church has practiced the forgiveness of sins for centuries and we support them completely. They are sincere, and their history of practice reaches back in time multiple hundreds of generations.

We waited years to evidence our sincerity and now, after over 20 million individuals have received their ordinations at the website legally without problems, we know the time of need has arrived and that people are worthy of our deepest efforts on their behalf. We knew this initially, however we were not certain how the practice would be accepted and we still do not. We have decided to act upon faith; there really is no other way. Faith is what beliefs are all about.

We don't issue commandments of any kind; we offer invitations and welcomes. People are in need and we have the means to bring them peace - peace of the heart, peace of mind and inner peace to go on living in tumultuous times.

At the close of the past decade the final decision was made as to what was needed most within each individual that we could provide to the greatest number. Peace was the need that was most keenly felt. As we discussed and researched the issue, it was decided that inner peace was able to be delivered to any that asked and believed. How this would be accomplished was considered from a historical viewpoint, a financial viewpoint and a personal belief basis.

In response to our notification of new ministers that they may forgive sins simply because they have become ordained online, we received some angry responses and statements to the effect that only Jesus can forgive sins. We answered each of those messages in as kind a spirit as possible because we realized that those individuals were only answering back what they had been taught. Many people believe, but fewer people know what the Bible actually teaches. Far more authority is granted by Jesus to his followers and believers than just to forgive sins. We understood this and redoubled our efforts to inform and educate our membership through the ULC Chapel's weekly messages - some of which ignited burning drives to do good for others and to do good for one's self as well.

The Bible clearly speaks that followers of and believers in Jesus Christ can and will do the same things He has done and more. We thought it would be helpful to quote some Bible verses for individuals to check their own Bibles to see where the doctrine comes from and we used the words of Jesus from three different translations. For our efforts we were rewarded with several even more hateful responses, though limited in number, that would scream that it didn't mean that, or we were taking verses out of context or that we would be forever burned in the Lake of Fire for our blasphemy. We presented Jesus' own words and nothing else and still there were people ready to fight to prove they were not wrong, but we were. We simply quoted the words of Jesus and invited others to accept those teachings.

We don't require anyone to believe anything from any belief system. In forgiveness of sins we knew we should make some presentation of entitlement other than the approval of the Church's Board of Directors. We did and for most it was sufficient for acceptance or at least the end to inquiry. For some nothing would suffice beyond their Sunday School training days regardless of their present lifestyle, so we accepted the reality of the situation and continued in good-faith and sincerity asking others to do the same.

This time we decided to not declare the Bible verses, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, it only creates more doubts so we continue to operate totally on faith, goodwill and sincere intentions. The Biblical Doctrine of Forgiveness of Sins is there for all to read if they are interested, the Catholic Church continues in its sincerity and goodwill and we have learned from their fine example. The Catholic Church has realized this forgiveness doctrine for centuries and authorized its Priesthood to forgive sins and to a lesser degree in the present times to grant Indulgences.

The Universal Life Church through its Monastery decided that it would stand the test of time and to immediately begin to give inner peace to each individual by granting the Absolution of Sin, but we went a step beyond - beyond all that has ever been practiced to grant true peace. The concept of "original sin" is imputed to all men because of the sins of Adam and Eve is realized at conception. Man is born into sin the Scriptures say.

The Universal Life Church through its Monastery grants full Absolution from all sin from preconception to the present date.

In addition, the Universal Life Church through its Monastery grants Plenary Indulgence which is forgiveness of the punishments for sin in this life.

The Grant of Absolution and Plenary Indulgence does forgive all sin including the punishments of sins in this life.

The Universal Life Church through its Monastery does not ask for any individual to confess any wrongs, to declare any sins or announce any misdeeds done in private.

Sincerity and the willingness to do right is respected above all.

In the Universal Life Church no one is above anyone else and as such no one is entitled to demand anyone to confess any wrongdoings. The individual that asks for Absolution of Sins and Plenary Indulgence does so in secret, in private communication with the Church and by name only without any personal identification other than name and date.

Forgiveness of Sins and Plenary Indulgence is granted to all who
ask in sincerity and willingness to change for the better.
Who determines sincerity?
Who determines the willingness to do right?

The individual asks for forgiveness, is sincere and willing to do right by the action of pressing the button below titled: ABSOLVE

This simple action alone is sufficient to indicate sincerity and willingness to do right. The act of pressing the word is no different than bending at the knees or bowing the head, each are outward signs of inner sincerity. The sincere individual willing to do better is invited to ask for Forgiveness of Sins and Indulgence; others are requested not to make insincere requests or to cause the Church to generate fraudulent and insincere documents.

We are sincere and wish to do better for you. Please accept our sincerity as we accept yours by goodwill and faith alone

It is with a sincere heart and a mind clear of views of faults in others that I grant Full and Complete Absolution of Sins and a Grant of Plenary Indulgence to the named individual on the date of this document.

In Sincerity and Light,

Br. Martin
Head, Sacerdotal Order of Universal Life
Universal Life Church Monastery



By accepting the Absolution document - forgiveness of sin -
you acknowledge that you have considered your actions
and sincerely desire to improve in the future.