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Hawaii Wedding Laws

The Hawaiian Islands are exquisitely beautiful and have stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, world-class beaches, and lush rain forests. It is safe to say that the islands of Hawaii offer some of the most stunning and romantic backdrops for unforgettable wedding ceremonies in the United States. Thousands of happily-married couples have discovered how magical it can be to get married in or honeymoon to Hawaii, and you can too!

Hawaii's wedding laws features legal requirements for both the engaged couple and the wedding officiant; a brief summary of both are listed below. Arguably the most important facet of Hawaii wedding laws for Universal Life Church Monastery ministers is that this tropical state accepts online ordinations from online ministries like ours. So thanks to organizations like the ULC Monastery, which make it quick and easy to become an ordained minister, everyday people can perform marriage ceremonies in Hawaii for their friends, family members, and even strangers. Marriage in Hawaii and honeymoons in Hawaii have never been so close to home.

Hawaii Marriage License Requirements

There are no state residency requirements or U.S. citizenship requirements to get married in Hawaii. Blood tests are also not required. The state-mandated minimum age of a marrying couple is 18. Younger nuptial couples may marry with the approval of their parents and a family court. Same sex marriages and marriages between first cousins are legal in the state of Hawaii. Proxy marriages are not allowed. Valid photo identification is required on the part of the marrying couple; it can be in the form of a state-issued identification card, driver's license or birth certificate.

If either party has been married previously, a valid copy of the divorce decree or certificate of death must be presented to the county clerk prior to the issuance of a marriage license if the divorce or death occurred within the last thirty days. Please note that faxed copies of these documents are not accepted. It is always a prudent idea to check with the local county clerk where you plan on marrying to make sure that he or she does not require any additional county-specific documentation. The State of Hawaii's marriage license costs approximately $60 and must be completed within thirty days of the marriage ceremony. More information on marriage license requirements may be obtained through an automated phone system set up by Hawaii's state government, 24 hours a day, at (808) 586-4545.

Wedding Officiant Requirements in Hawaii

In order for a wedding officiant to perform a legally binding wedding ceremony in Hawaii, he or she must be registered and licensed by the Hawaiian Department of Health. The law regarding who can legally marry a couple in Hawaii is determined by Hawaiian statute § 572-12. In a nutshell, this statute authorizes an individual to perform marriage ceremonies if he or she is a priest, minister or officer of any religious denomination or society, and who has been authorized to perform wedding ceremonies by that organization. Online ordinations through organizations like the Universal Life Church Monastery are recognized by the State of Hawaii. An active or retired justice or magistrate of a state or federal court may also perform wedding ceremonies.

There are no residency requirements for wedding officiants, nor is an age limitation specified in the statute. This means that Universal Life Church ministers from the mainland can facilitate marriages in Hawaii without any legal difficulties. A wedding officiant may set an agreed upon price as stipulated by both parties in exchange for performing the wedding ceremony. Becoming a legal wedding officiant by becoming a pastor online will enable you to legally perform wedding ceremonies in Hawaii. The appropriate documentation certifying the solemnization or authorization for an individual to perform wedding ceremonies by his or her denomination, religious organization or church, must be filed with the Hawaiian Department of Health. The documents required by the the Department of Health for those who received online ordinations from online ministries are ordination credentials, used to demonstrate ministerial status, and a letter of good standing, used to verify that the minister's parent organization has confidence in the minister's ability to perform wedding ceremonies correctly. More information may be obtained from the Department of Health by calling: (808) 586-4540.

Hawaii Marriage Laws


572-12 By whom solemnized.

A license to solemnize marriages may be issued to, and the marriage rite may be performed and solemnized by any minister, priest, or officer of any religious denomination or society who has been ordained or is authorized to solemnize marriages according to the usages of such denomination or society, or any religious society not having clergy but providing solemnization in accordance with the rules and customs of that society, a legislator or constitutional officer of the State, or a member of the United States Congress who represents a district within the State, while that person holds office, or any justice [or], judge, or magistrate, active or retired, of a state or federal court in the State, upon presentation to such person or society of a license to marry, as prescribed by this chapter.

Such person or society may receive the price stipulated by the parties or the gratification tendered.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws: N/A

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Hawaii you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as your ordination credentials, wallet credential, and or an updated letter of good standing from the church.

ULC The Monastery's foreign corporation state filings

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Hawaii Wedding Laws by County

Hawaii County

777 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, Hawaii
Phone: (808) 961-7440
Fax: (808) 961-7416
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Honolulu County

777 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: (808) 539-4767
Honolulu County website »

Kalawao County

2145 Main Street
Wailuku, Hawaii
Phone: (808) 244-2929
Kalawao County website »

Kauai County

3970 Ka`ana Street
Lihue, Hawaii
Phone: (808) 482-2308
Fax: (808) 482-2510
Kauai County website »

Maui County

2145 Main Street
Wailuku, Hawaii

Phone: (808) 244-2929
Fax: (808) 244-2932
Maui County website »