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Washington Wedding Laws

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony in Washington

Washington state does not have wedding laws which dictate that a wedding ceremony take any particular form, so ministers and couples have large amount of flexibility in planning exactly how they want the special day to look and feel. The Universal Life Church Monastery offers a variety of resources for ministers to help ordained officiants guide wedding ceremonies of all shapes and sizes. In order for a wedding ceremony to be legal in the state of Washington, two witnesses (other than the two individuals getting married) must be present and able to acknowledge the wedding as having taken place. Of course, the officiant must also be present. Under Washington state law, witnesses must be at least 12 years of age.

How to Officiate a Wedding in Washington

Weddings in Washington State are, legally speaking, among the simplest to officiate and legalize within the United States. There are very few extraordinary requirements or demands placed on either the individuals getting married or the individual who is officiating the wedding ceremony. In addition, both opposite-sex and same-sex couples can be legally married in Washington state and Washington's code specifies that clergy of any recognized religious organization can legally act as a certified wedding officiant, this includes the Universal Life Church Monastery. Don't let the high level of freedom fool you, though - be sure to contact your local county officials before the ceremony to ensure that you've got everything correct. Coincidentally, the Universal Life Church Monastery is based in Seattle, Washington.

How to Become an Ordained Minister in Washington

Aside from judges and court commissioners, the state of Washington recognizes clergy from a wide variety of religions and spiritual organizations. The clergyperson must simply be licensed and ordained by his or her religious organization, as is possible with the Universal Life Church Monastery's online ordination platform. Being an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church carries with it some rights and responsibilities. The central tenet of the Universal Life Church Monastery is to "do that which is right", a singular commandment our ministers are expected to respect. An ordained minister has the ability to officiate marriages and preside over funerals, as well as to start their own ministry. The Universal Life Church Monastery has ordained several thousand ministers in Washington state. It is recommended that you keep proof of your ordination with your ordination credentials.

Marriage Paperwork Required in Washington

In Washington state, as in many states, a couple must submit to a three-day waiting period between requesting a marriage license and having their wedding ceremony in order for that ceremony to be considered valid under the law. Marriage license fees are determined by the county in which they are issued, and start at $35. Marriage licenses issued throughout the union by different states have varying expiration dates. In Washington, the ceremony must take place within 60 days of the date of issue of the marriage license. It is also important to note that in Washington marriage licenses do not necessarily act as official name-change documents for couples that wish to share a surname; changing your name is a separate legal procedure. Couples must register any new names with several different agencies, depending on county.

For more detailed information, review Washington State's code for yourself.

Washington Marriage Laws


Weddings in Washington State require a Washington State wedding license. In order to obtain a marriage license in Washington you must go to the local county clerk where you intend to marry and apply for a license. The first order of business is to provide the local county clerk with valid identification. Valid identification includes a current driver's license, a valid passport or a certified birth certificate. Both you and your betrothed must go to the county clerk's office together and present the county clerk with appropriate identification documents. In addition, there is a fee to obtain a Washington State marriage license of approximately $62. Most counties only accept cash. The fee will vary from county to county so it is best to confirm the exact amount of the fee with the county clerk in the county where you intend to marry. A Washington State marriage license is valid for sixty days.

If you have been previously married, you will need to have a finalized copy of the divorce decree or a copy of your previous spouse's death certificate to present to the county clerk. There is no residency requirement if you plan on obtaining a Washington State wedding license before you can hold the wedding. There is, however, a three day waiting period after the license has been issued before you can marry. No blood tests are required. If either of the engaged couple is between the ages of seventeen and eighteen, a parent will need to go with you to the county clerk's office to give consent for you to marry. If either of you is under seventeen years of age, you must obtain judicial consent to marry. Proxy marriages are not allowed in Washington State.

In order to act as a wedding officiant in weddings in Washington State, the wedding officiant must abide by Washington State statute RCW 3.02.010. This statute specifies that any regularly licensed or ordained priest or minister or any religious congregation, church or temple may perform weddings in Washington State. There is no residency requirement to perform marriages in Washington. Additionally, active or retired judges and justices of the peace may perform weddings in Washington State. Online-ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church Monastery are able to perform legally-recognized weddings in Washington. ULC and all other online ordained ministers must present appropriate ordination papers indicating he or she has been approved to perform marriages and must also present appropriate identification to the county clerk where the marriage is to be performed. Additionally, two certified copies of the marriage certificate must be forwarded to the county auditor within thirty days of the solemnization of the union.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws: N/A

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Washington you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as your ordination credentials, wallet credential, and or an updated letter of good standing from the church.

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Washington Wedding Laws by County

Adams County

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Benton County

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Kennewick, Washington

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Chelan County

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Wenatchee, Washington
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Clallam County

223 E 4th St
Port Angeles, Washington

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Clark County

1200 Franklin St
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Vancouver, Washington
Phone: (360) 397-2292
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Columbia County

341 E Main St
Dayton, Washington

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Cowlitz County

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Rm 233
Kelso, Washington
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Douglas County

203 S Rainier
PO Box 516
Waterville, Washington
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Ferry County

350 E Delaware Ave
Republic, Washington

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Franklin County

1016 N 4th Ave
Pasco, Washington

Phone: (509) 545-3525
Fax: (509) 545-2243
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Garfield County

789 Main St
PO Box 915
Pomeroy, Washington
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Grant County

35 C St NW
PO Box 37
Ephrata, Washington

Phone: (509) 754-2011
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Grays Harbor County

102 W Broadway Ave
Rm 203
Montesano, Washington

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Island County

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Coupeville, Washington
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Alternate phone: ext. 6
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Jefferson County

1820 Jefferson St
PO Box 1220
Port Townsend, Washington
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King County

516 3rd Ave
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Seattle, Washington
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Kitsap County

614 Division St
MS 34
Port Orchard, Washington
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Kittitas County

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Ellensburg, Washington
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Klickitat County

205 S Columbus Ave
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Lewis County

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Chehalis, Washington
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Lincoln County

450 Logan St
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Davenport, Washington
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Mason County

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Shelton, Washington

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Okanogan County

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Pacific County

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Pend Oreille County

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Newport, Washington
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Pierce County

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San Juan County

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Skagit County

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Skamania County

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Snohomish County

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Spokane County

1116 W Broadway Ave
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Spokane, Washington

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Stevens County

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Colville, Washington
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Thurston County

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Olympia, Washington
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Wahkiakum County

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Cathlamet, Washington
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Walla Walla County

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Walla Walla, Washington
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Whatcom County

311 Grand Ave
Bellingham, Washington

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Whitman County

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Yakima County

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