Oregon Wedding Laws

How to Officiate a Wedding in Oregon

It's important to research the details of marriage law in any state or county, as policies can change rather frequently. This is especially true for state of Oregon. Oregon’s wedding law is such that marriage requirements for both couples and officiants can vary greatly from community to community across the Western state.

How to Become an Ordained Minister in Oregon

Judges, some public officials and all ordained clergy who are authorized by their religious organization to do so can officiate at weddings in Oregon. The Universal Life Church Monastery authorizes its ministers to perform weddings through online ordination.

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony in Oregon

In Oregon, different counties have different policies dictating how a wedding ceremony can legally be conducted. It is important for any ordained minister wishing to perform a wedding in the state to research the specific guidelines set forth by the county in which the ceremony will take place. However, it is important to note that in Oregon, all weddings must include two witnesses who are at least 18 years of age.

Premarital Counseling in Oregon

Some counties in Oregon require premarital counseling before a wedding can be performed. Which counties require this and what exactly constitutes premarital counseling frequently changes. Ordained clergy can administer premarital counseling in Oregon, though it should match the regulatory specifics of the county in which the marriage license will be issued. We provide a variety of resources for ministers who wish to take more active roles like this in their communities.

Marriage Paperwork Required in Oregon

The legal purpose of a wedding officiant in Oregon is to confirm the details of the marriage certificate and to preside over the witnesses of the ceremony. A completed, signed marriage certificate must be returned to the County Clerk's office that issued the marriage license. The deadline for this varies by county.

Oregon Marriage Laws

106.120 Who may solemnize marriage; fee; personal payment; records. (1) As used in this section, "judicial officer" means: (a) A judicial officer of this state as that term is defined in ORS 1.210 and includes but is not limited to a judge of a municipal court and a justice of the peace. (b) An active judge of a federal court. (c) An active United States magistrate judge. (2) Marriages may be solemnized by: (a) A judicial officer; (b) A county clerk; (c) Religious congregations or organizations as indicated in ORS 106.150 (2); or (d) A clergy person of any religious congregation or organization who is authorized by the congregation or organization to solemnize marriages.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws: N/A

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Oregon you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as an ordination credential, wallet credential, or an updated letter of good standing from the church.

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Oregon Wedding Laws by County

Baker County

1995 3rd St.
Suite 150
Baker City, Oregon
Phone: (541) 523-8207
alternate phone: (541) 523-9538
E-mail: tgreen@bakercounty.org
Baker County website »

Benton County

120 NW 4th St.
Room 13
Corvallis, Oregon
Phone: (541) 766-6756
alternate phone: (541) 766-6080
E-mail: bcelections@co.benton.or.us
Benton County website »

Clackamas County

1710 Red Soils Court
Suite 100
Oregon City, Oregon

Phone: 503 655-8661
E-mail: elections@co.clackamas.or.us
Clackamas County website »

Clatsop County

820 Exchange St.
Suite 220
Astoria, Oregon
Phone: (503) 325-8511
alternate phone: (800) 949-4232
E-mail: clerk@co.clatsop.or.us
Clatsop County website »

Columbia County

230 Strand St.
St. Helens, Oregon
Phone: (503) 397-7214
alternate phone: (503) 397-7246
E-mail: huserb@co.columbia.or.us
Columbia County website »

Coos County

250 N. Baxter
Coquille, Oregon
Phone: (541) 396-3121 ext 301
alternate phone: (800) 735-2900
E-mail: elections@co.coos.or.us
Coos County website »

Crook County

300 NE Third
Rm. 23
Prineville, Oregon
Phone: (541) 447-6553
alternate phone: (541) 416-4963
E-mail: dee.berman@co.crook.or.us
Crook County website »

Curry County

PO Box 746
Gold Beach, Oregon
Phone: (541) 247-3297
E-mail: kolenr@co.curry.or.us

Deschutes County

1300 NW Wall St.
Suite 200
Bend, Oregon
Phone: (541) 388-6546
Fmx: (541) 383-4424
E-mail: elections@deschutes.org
Deschutes County website »

Douglas County

PO Box 10
Roseburg, Oregon
Phone: (541) 440-4252
E-mail: pkhitt@co.douglas.or.us
Douglas County website »

Gilliam County

PO Box 427
Condon, Oregon

Phone: (541) 384-2311
E-mail: rena.kennedy@co.gilliam.or.us
Gilliam County website »

Grant County

201 S. Humbolt
Suite 290
Canyon City, Oregon
Phone: (541) 575-1675
E-mail: mckinnonk@grantcounty-or.gov
Grant County website »

Harney County

450 N. Buena Vista
Burns, Oregon
Phone: (541) 573-6641
E-mail: clerk@co.harney.or.us
Harney County website »

Hood River County

601 State St.
Hood River, Oregon
Phone: (541) 386-1442
E-mail: brian.beebe@co.hood-river.or.us
Hood River County website »

Jackson County

1101 W. Main St.
Suite 201
Medford, Oregon

Phone: (541) 774-6148
alternate phone: (541) 774-6719
E-mail: walkercd@jacksoncounty.org
Jackson County website »

Jefferson County

66 SE 'D' St.
Suite C
Madras, Oregon
Phone: (541) 475-4451
E-mail: kathy.marston@co.jefferson.or.us
Jefferson County website »

Josephine County

PO Box 69
Grants Pass, Oregon

Phone: (541) 474-5243
E-mail: clerk@co.josephine.or.us
Josephine County website »

Klamath County

305 Main St.
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Phone: (541) 883-5157
E-mail: lsmith@co.klamath.or.us
Klamath County website »

Lake County

513 Center St.
Lakeview, Oregon
Phone: (541) 947-6006
E-mail: smgeaney@co.lake.or.us
Lake County website »

Lane County

275 W 10th Ave
Eugene, Oregon
Phone: (541) 682-4234
E-mail: elections.customer@co.lane.or.us
Lane County website »

Lincoln County

225 W. Olive St.
Room 201
Newport, Oregon
Phone: (541) 265-4131
E-mail: djenkins@co.lincoln.or.us
Lincoln County website »

Linn County

300 4th Ave. SW
Albany, Oregon
Phone: (541) 967-3831
E-mail: sdruckenmiller@co.linn.or.us
Linn County website »

Malheur County

251 'B' St. W.
Suite 4
Vale, Oregon
Phone: (541) 473-5151
E-mail: ddelong@malheurco.org
Malheur County website »

Marion County

4263 Commercial St. SE
Salem, Oregon
Phone: (503) 588-5041
alternate phone: 1-800-655-5388
E-mail: elections@co.marion.or.us
Marion County website »

Morrow County

PO Box 338
Heppner, Oregon
Phone: (541) 676-5604
E-mail: bchilders@co.morrow.or.us
Morrow County website »

Multnomah County

1040 SE Morrison St.
Portland, Oregon
Phone: (503) 988-3326
E-mail: cityinfo@ci.portland.or.us
Multnomah County website »

Polk County

850 Main St.
Dallas, Oregon
Phone: (503) 623-9217
E-mail: unger.valerie@co.polk.or.us
Polk County website »

Sherman County

PO Box 365
Moro, Oregon
Phone: (541) 565-3606
E-mail: jeninem@co.sherman.or.us
Sherman County website »

Tillamook County

201 Laurel Ave.
Tillamook, Oregon
Phone: (503) 842-3402
E-mail: toneil@co.tillamook.or.us
Tillamook County website »

Umatilla County

PO Box 1227
Pendleton, Oregon

Phone: (541) 278-6254
E-mail: pattic@co.umatilla.or.us
Umatilla County website »

Union County

1001 4th St.
Ste. D
LaGrande, Oregon

Phone: (541) 963-1006
E-mail: rchurch@union-county.org
Union County website »

Wallowa County

101 S. River St.
Rm. 100 Door 16
Enterprise, Oregon

Phone: (541) 426-4543 ext 17
E-mail: wcclerk@co.wallowa.or.us
Wallowa County website »

Wasco County

511 Washington St.
Room 201
The Dalles, Oregon

Phone: (541) 506-2530
E-mail: karenl@co.wasco.or.us
Wasco County website »

Washington County

3700 SW Murray Blvd.
Ste. 101
Beaverton, Oregon
Phone: (503) 846-5800
E-mail: election@co.washington.or.us
Washington County website »

Wheeler County

PO Box 327
Fossil, Oregon

Phone: (541) 763-2400
E-mail: bsitton@co.wheeler.or.us
Wheeler County website »

Yamhill County

414 NE Evans St.
McMinnville, Oregon

Phone: (503) 434-7518
E-mail: elections@co.yamhill.or.us
Yamhill County website »