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Delaware Wedding Laws

How to Officiate a Wedding in Delaware

The small state of Delaware has fairly liberal wedding laws, much in line with its other Northeastern neighbors. However, the state, despite its diminutive presence, does have a rich history of governance and a robust system of bureaucracy that any Delaware minister would be wise to understand to ensure that the marriage he or she is officiating is legally binding. Read on for more information about how to officiate a wedding in Delaware.

How to Become an Ordained Minister in Delaware

The Universal Life Church Monastery has the legal authority to ordain as a minister any resident of the state of Delaware. Our easy-to-use online platform can help you to get ordained as a minister for free, and quickly. Further, any minister within the state of Delaware has the legal authority to officiate a wedding between two individuals there.

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony in Delaware

As briefly noted above, Delaware law regarding marriage is relatively modern. The state does not require that the wedding ceremony take any particular form or that any specific words be spoken, so couples can feel free to have a ceremony as traditional or nontraditional as they see fit from Claymont to Selbyville. The Universal Life Church Monastery offers a variety of tools and resources that any online-ordained minister would be wise to research and review as they prepare to perform a wedding ceremony in Delaware, such as A Wedding Ceremony to Remember.

Marriage Paperwork Required in Delaware

To be legally recognized in the state of Delaware, the marriage must be celebrated with an official Delaware marriage license. After applying for the license in their respective county, the marrying couple must wait at least 24 hours to hold the ceremony – as is the case in many states. After the ceremony, the officiating minister has 30 days to prepare and sign the marriage license and return it to the county clerk that it may be officially filed with the state. Ministers in Delaware need not be licensed as such.

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Delaware Marriage Laws


106. Solemnization of marriages; production of license; penalty; registration of persons authorized to solemnize marriages.

(a) A clergy person or minister of any recognized religion, current and former members of this State's Supreme Court, Superior Court, Family Court, Court of Chancery, Court of Common Pleas, and Justice of the Peace Court, and the several clerks of the peace of various counties may solemnize marriages between persons who may lawfully enter into the matrimonial relation.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws: N/A

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Delaware you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as your ordination credentials, wallet credential, and or an updated letter of good standing from the church.

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Delaware Wedding Laws by County

Kent County

414 Federal St
Dover, Delaware

Phone: (302) 744-2346
Alternate phone: (302) 744-2314
Kent County website »

New Castle County Clerk

800 French St
2nd Floor
Wilmington, Delaware
Phone: (302) 571-7590
Alternate phone: (302) 395-7780
New Castle County Clerk website »

Sussex County Clerk

2 The Circle
2nd Floor
Georgetown, Delaware

Phone: (302) 855-7834
Alternate phone: (302) 853-1717
Fmx: (302) 855-7798
Sussex County Clerk website »