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Arizona Wedding Laws

How to Officiate a Wedding in Arizona

Arizona wedding law provides for two types of marriage: civil marriage and covenant marriage. Civil marriages, like the marriages provided for in the laws of every other state, are simple contracts that legally bind two individuals. Covenant marriages include all the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage, with added value sentiments often based on faith as well as additional restrictions on grounds for divorce.

How to Become an Ordained Minister in Arizona

Judges, some public officials, and all clergy authorized by their religious organization to do so may officiate wedding ceremonies in Arizona. Ministers do not have to register with the state prior to solemnizing a marriage. Arizona does accept the ordinations of those ministers who have been ordained online by the Universal Life Church Monastery, and thousands of our ministers operate within the state. A Universal Life Church Monastery minister is able to officiate both civil and covenant weddings in Arizona. It is recommended that you keep proof of your ordination with your ordination credentials.

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony in Arizona

Because Arizona couples have different options for what type of wedding they want to have, officiants should be prepared to solemnize a variety of different ceremonies. Universal Life Church ministers should be prepared to adapt to unique requests. For weddings of all sorts, we offer resources like the Baker's Wedding Handbook, a pastor's guide to ceremonies of many types and for many denominations.

Covenant Marriages

If a couple wishes to acquire a license for a covenant marriage in Arizona, they must first consult with their minister. The minister must then provide a notarized statement that includes the following statements:

  • The couple were educated about what a covenant marriage is and what responsibilities it entails.
  • The couple were educated about the limits to grounds for divorce created by a covenant marriage.
  • The couple received the pamphlet called Covenant Marriages in Arizona published by the Arizona Office of Courts.

Marriage Paperwork Required in Arizona

It is the responsibility of the officiant to complete the marriage certificate and return to the clerk of the Superior Court that issued the marriage license within 20 days of the ceremony. The certificate must be signed by the bride and groom, the officiant, and two witnesses to the ceremony who are over the age of 18.

For more detailed information, review Arizona's code for yourself.

Arizona Marriage Laws

25-124. Persons authorized to perform marriage ceremony; definition A. The following are authorized to solemnize marriages between persons who are authorized to marry: 1. Duly licensed or ordained clergymen.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws: N/A

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Arizona you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as your ordination credentials, wallet credential, and or an updated letter of good standing from the church.

ULC The Monastery's foreign corporation state filings

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Arizona Wedding Laws by County

Gila County Clerk

1400 E. Ash Street
Globe, Arizona

Phone: (928) 425-3231
Gila County Clerk website »

Graham County Clerk

800 W. Main Street
Safford, Arizona

Phone: (928) 428-3100
Graham County Clerk website »

Greenlee County Clerk

223 Fifth Street
PO Box 1027
Clifton, Arizona
Phone: (928) 865-4242
Fmx: (928) 865-5358
Greenlee County Clerk website »

La Paz County Clerk

1316 Kofa Avenue
Parker, Arizona
Phone: (928) 669-6131
Fax: (928) 669-2186
La Paz County Clerk website »

Maricopa County

201 W. Jefferson
Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: (602) 506-3730
Maricopa County website »

Mohave County Clerk

401 E. Spring Street
PO Box 7000
Kingman, Arizona
Phone: (520) 753-0713
Alternate phone: (928) 753-0713
Mohave County Clerk website »

Navajo County Clerk

100 East Carter Drive
South Highway 77
Holbrook, Arizona
Phone: (928) 524-4188
Fax: (928) 524-4261
Navajo County Clerk website »

Pima County Recorder

110 West Congress Street
Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (520) 740-3200
Fmx: (520) 798-3531
Pima County Recorder website »

Pinal County Clerk

971 Jason Lopez Circle
PO Box 2730
Florence, Arizona

Phone: (520) 866-5300
Fmx: (520) 866-5320
Pinal County Clerk website »

Santa Cruz County Clerk

2150 N Congress Drive
Nogales, Arizona

Phone: (520) 375-7800
Santa Cruz County Clerk website »

Yavapai County Clerk

120 South Cortez Street
Prescott, Arizona
Phone: (928) 771-3312
Fax: (928) 771-3111
Yavapai County Clerk website »

Yuma County Clerk

250 West 2nd Street
Yuma, Arizona
Phone: (928) 817-4234
Yuma County Clerk website »