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Prayer Requests - Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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This Week's Prayers

James - Galveston, Texas, USA
I pray that the powers that run this universe help get me back on my feet and walking, running and playing with my daughters again. I will do everything a human can do, but I think I will need your positive powers.

Evon - manchester, , Jamaica
I am requesting a prayer for protection and a financial breakthrough. I really need a miracle in my life, I have faith in God.

Dalton - Napanee, , Canada
I am asking prayer for my son who is going through a trying time right now. He is being attacked from negative forces in his life and needs positive release from this & healing as it is hurting him emotionally and physically. Please, join with me in this request. Blessings.

Paul - Sydney, , Australia
please pray God would heal my chest and breathing problems, thanks Paul

Judy - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
That my FAMILY be together under one roof VERY SHORTLY and for patience while the Lords will take place.

Erika - Mayport, Florida, USA
Father God I know you make all things work together for my good, you are a great and mighty God your works are visible and true, you have worked a mighty work in me, Thankyou for all you have already given me, Please forgive me my sins from the time I last asked forgiveness. God I ask you to please absolve the issues I am being confronted with at work, and I claim and receive all you have to give to me in grace and mercy there. I endeavor to please you God, and Will that you bring me goodness and Mercy to follow me and me descendants all the days of our lives , so we can dwell in your house forever Amen.

Roger - Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
My brother-in-law living in South Carolina has lived with Stage 4 lung cancer for over 4 years now and having signed a DNR order is ready for the next step in his journey. He is strong in his faith and a strong man of God. I ask your prayers that his journey be as pain free as possible and God's Will be done.

Frankie - Dunedin, , New Zealand
I pray that my good friend Jeanene gets through her sister's death with strength and protection. I also pray that my country finds it's way this September and becomes the once strong and compassionate country it was. Thank you.

Richard - gold bar, Washington, USA
Please father give us strength and wisdom and above all forgiveness.

Jonathan - Mcdonough , Georgia, USA
I ask for prayer for a performance my music group is having October 10th, I ask for peace and for the ability to reach the members of the congregation, through music.

Glenn Barton - Alameda, California, USA
God, Please help all people who feel that war is an answer to trouble, to feel peace and serenity in their hearts and to seek other solutions.

Victoria - Yuma, Arizona, USA
To find my way and place in a new community, and that my family is protected while I am away from them.

Mitchell - Springfield, Illinois, USA
Father, please continue to show compassion to the weak and struggling show they will become strong in your words.

Deb - glendale, Arizona, USA
May my failure as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, coworker, sister not affect too badly the lives of my children. May I find the strength to not have a complete breakdown under the stressors that hit me daily.

James - Gilmer, Texas, USA
Please pray for my sister (Barbara Ayers) she has stage 4 cancer of the uterus, has spread to the lungs..PLEASE PRAY.

Lesley - Lusaka, California, Zambia
Dear Father, My husband is actively looking for a job. Please include us in your prayers enable him secure job to the earliest. Thanks, Lesley.

Jennifer - Ocala, Florida, USA
Please grant wisdom and guidance as I struggle to find a sustainable and prosperous way to continue fulfilling my calling as a spiritual guide and light worker.

Mike - Brooklyn, New York, USA
Pray for my family Tree, Pray Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom, Counsel, fear, Fortitude, Piety, I Believe... Past present future

Caridad Alvarez Figueroa - Bronx, New York, USA
Nick Santiago you were a true gift of humanity to all who knew you. May God cradle you as your spirit soars to protect all who miss you and remember you today and always. Rest in Peace.

Jess Lester - Sutersville, Pennsylvania, USA
God ,please help my son who has an addiction and others that are in the same way.In your name we pray. Amen!

Stephanie - Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Prayer for a better tomorrow, for new opportunities to raise their heads above the brush underfoot.

Colleen - Syracuse, New York, USA
Dear Heavenly Father, O Lord of Hosts hear my prayer. I come to you to ask for a miracle for the people in Iraq that are being killed, kidnaped, and persecuted for their religion. Please Dear Father find a way for these people to escape, because the Bible says we are always given an escape from the devil's tactics. Give these men, women, and children peace that God will strengthen and give them what they need. I ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord.

Jill - Jackson, Michigan, USA
I pray that everyone in my family learns to communicate in a way that we understand each other. I pray that the fighting stops and I pray that we eventually will get a long to be able to teach our children that being at peace with each other is better than fighting and hating on each other.

Seuss Brady-Estes - Arlington, Texas, USA
I pray for my friend Kat who has just lost her husband Jason. He was a wonderful man, a beautiful soul and a great friend and father for their son Davey who he has also left behind in this world. May they not linger on the sorrow of his passing but be lifted by the wellspring of joy that his life gave them. May they draw from that well daily and know that he is at peace. Amen.

Jennifer - Germantown, Maryland, USA
Please put in a prayer request for: Robert Doss that he will be tenderly comforted while moving on out of this life. And his wife Barbara that she is given the strength to help him through. Thank you

James - Askov, Minnesota, USA
I pray for every day for everyone to get along and maybe not agree but get along in a peaceful way. I think of how life is not perfect but unique for each individual and life is how we live it.

Ora - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
That God uses me to help anyone in need...

Kimberly - cherry hill, New Jersey, USA
Lord give me the strength to overcome my pain. Like many of your other children I suffer every day. Physical pain, emotional pain, and mental pain. Lord I fear I'm too broken to be mended, please heal me. In Jesus name, Amen

L - Lubbock, Texas, USA
Lord, Please help me to be a better mom, a more understanding and gentle mom. Help me to understand the love You have given me so that I can show You to my child in a better way. Let me find joy in the simple and give You my worries and struggles. In Your Name I pray,

Lisa - Tiltonsville, Ohio, USA
Please pray for a friend who's mom is having blockage surgery today

Robert - Millbrook, New York, USA
I hope and pray that the hate of the world will finally be seen and that people will understand that love, kindness, and compassion will create a much better earth to live out our physical existence in.

Sheree - Richfield, Minnesota, USA
Please pray that my body will be well again. Thank you.

Heather - New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA
Please heal my friend Greg who has been diagnosed with cancer. Give him and his family the faith and strength they need to cope.

Deborah - Bradford, New Hampshire, USA
I pray he may be at peace with the new direction of his life.

Veronica - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Prayers for my son, that we are able to find a doctor to help him and do the surgery he desperately needs and prayers for the doctors that they will be able to help him.

Gregory - Spencervill, Ohio, USA
for my family and love ones, friends and my self, for peace and work in all owr hearts.

Brenda - Houston, Texas, USA
I am entering seminary to obtain my masters. Prayers for me as I continue on the journey God has set forth for me. I will be ministering in Palliative care, bringing those closer to God and peace in their time of need

Melissa - Bay City, Michigan, USA
Father, Mother,Great Spirit, all of the prophets, all the angels, and all the ancestors: I pray for a loved one who is close to passing on to heaven. I pray for his family and friends to receive strength and healing for the impending situation. I also pray for my abuser and his family and friends. Show them mercy, kindness, and your love. I pray for myself and my child, so that you send healing for our damaged souls and courage to face the trials that lay before us. Amen

Jim - Dunboyne, , Ireland
I pray not for me, but for her. Please make her happy in her new life.

Karen - Eastvale, California, USA
Please pray for my sister, neice and nephew who suddenly lost their husband and father. Please give them strangth, guidance, and peace through this difficult time. Through Christ our Lord - Amen.

Dan - New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Dear God, I will soon have a hearing for disability. Please grant the judge the wisdom to find in my favor, that I may provide for my family and myself. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Gregg - Newark, Delaware, USA
I have to plan my father's funeral and need a prayer for guidance. Amen.

Cheryl - Duluth, Georgia, USA
My prayer is for protection on my job and protection for my loved ones. I am thanking God in advance for opening doors so that I may step into my destiny with ease and no struggle. My finances are paid in full - thank you God. My health is restored to wholeness - thank you God. In the name and nature of Jesus the Christ. And so it is.

Delton - victoria, Texas, USA
Holy father, please help me and guide me in your holy ways. If it is your plan for me to preach your word, then that is a burden I shall accept.Guide me in your ways lord. Amen

Debra - Orlando, Florida, USA
Dear Heavenly Father, Please watch over and protect the families that are trying to stay safe during the storms. Please Father, they need your arms and love to get them through these tough times. Amen

Jeanne - Cape Coral, Florida, USA
Heavenly father, I pray for you to wrap your loving arms around Everett and his family as his physical body struggles between the heavenly world and the earthly world. If he is to come home to be with you, please ease the pain in the hearts of his family members. If it is not his time yet, heal his body and comfort his loved ones. You are the light, the power and the love. I pray this to you through your precious son Jesus Christ who gave his life and blood so that we could be forgiven and have a relationship with you. ~Amen

Francene - Racine, Wisconsin, USA
I pray that I may receive my daughter back some day,before her father dies... I pray that we can be a family again,no matter how different we are...

Jenny - Peoria, Arizona, USA
I'm having health problems - lots of them. And I'm scared. I'd like a prayer for my return to good health and vitality. May all of the difficulties in my life be only in my imagination.

Helen Jones - LA, California, USA
Protection for myself, relatives, and everyone that I pray for, prayer for my work, to end everything that hinders regeneration and the blessings of myself, relatives, and everyone that I pray for, and to break every curse and spell on the lives of myself, relatives and everyone that I pray for.

Cammron - Covington, Georgia, USA
Heavenly father I am attempting to change my financial situation and the past few months has brought me to a place where I am unsure about how I am going to take care of my family. I believe with my heart that you will make a way because you have never let me down before. God I pray that you help me obtain all that I am trying to do to better our lives, I pray that you help me take care of all these growing bills, I pray that you protect my unborn grandchild, I pray a cover of protection around all my children, my home, the cars they drive and all that they come in contact with and myself . In Jesus name I pray .. AMEN