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Prayer Requests - Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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This Week's Prayers

- , Ohio, USA
For my Father who was recently diagnosed with stage 2 lung canser

Kelly - , Oregon, USA
Our grand daughter was born with major disabilities please keep Alexis in your prayers for a happy and non pain life with as little health issues as possible. Thank you and Blessings

Ashley - Zion, Illinois, USA
Please lord bless our home

paul - , , Australia
Please pray for healing for my chest and shoulder problems, thanks, Paul

Terry - Oxford, , USA
Please pray for me. I broke my back as a result of the wrong medicine given to me by my pharmacy causing me to pass out. Pray that my attorney takes my case and that we can stop this from happening to anyone else.

Priestess Faeryie Door - Cerritos, California, USA
I prayer for my Incense and herbs, also the local fauna and flora, the entire world to be blessed, and the red pandas.

Diane - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Please pray for me that the Creator and my Ancestors will guide me each step of the way as I embark on my journey of ministry and restoration.

Nancy - Bellevue, Washington, USA
May my beloved significant other be relieved of his Parkinson's Disease symptoms.

Anne Marie - Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
That the Lord will bless us with enough money to get caught up on ALL our bills and maybe buy a car, fix up the house and take a short family vacation to Gatlinburg.

Janet - , Connecticut, USA
I pray that all the children in other countries would have a better chance of life then they have had.

Troy - Mauldin, South Carolina, USA
I am asking for prayers for our Adopted Great Aunt Ethel Vaughn. She is in ICU down in Alabama. They have done an MRI on her head, but we will not get an answer until morning. But, things do not look good and the doctors not sure what they are looking at, yet.

steven - las cruces, New Mexico, USA
For god to be with me

PastorDave - Milford, Texas, USA
Spirit, you will call home brother Carrie Lee soon. Please set aside the finest of everything for him, he deserves the very best. He is a devoted Southern baptist and is strong in faith even through cancer. And keeps his sharp mind too. I know he is in pain, but you have already eased that pain somewhat, in preparation for his arrival. Please again give him the very best. And so it is.

Mark - Gassville, Arkansas, USA
Dear Lord I ask that you help my family in this time of problems that we are facing, Please wrap your loving arms around us all. Its these things that I ask, in your name. Amen