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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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This Week's Prayers

Patrick - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Please pray for Jenna Van Bree Thompson and her little infant son Lukas who is not breathing without the aid of a cpap machine. Please pray for comfort and love during their dark time.

Benjamin - Massena, New York, USA
Prayer request for recovery, healing, and most of all a lifting guidance as I overcome some legal issues and better my life. Thank you

bradley - harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

Kim - Bay City, Texas, USA
To all who need healing and all who need to maintain there faith that tomorrow will be a better day, I would like to send healing thoughts and prayers to you. May we all be of one mind and one heart, that of love and peace. Bright Blessings. So mote it be!

dotty - Delray, Florida, USA
Financial assistance after several years of work and children hardship due to family health and death of my father in June. I am thankful and grateful for your assisting me in prayers. Thank you Dotty

Jo-Ann - Holbrook, New York, USA
Please pray for my family that they may be blessed to desire to have a closer walk with Jesus.

Judith - Columbus, Georgia, USA
Heavenly Father, please anoint me in the quest of becoming a minister. Please give me strength, courage and pease in my heart as I begin to share the Lord with everyone. In Jesus Name, Amen

Leah - Doniphan, Missouri, USA
FIRST, Thank you Lord for innumerable blessings. & I ask for Health & recovery for myself & several family members.

Jean E Jackson - Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
I need a prayer for my cousin Michelle Hamilton for a speedy recovery.

Dan - Washington, District of Columbia, USA
I Pray for my mother's health and my father's wellness, and please help my family reconnect this Month of October 2014

Loralai - Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Prayers for all the children growing up in foster care, abusive homes, and in menta/physical/emotional pain...and for those adults who were once those children.

Ben - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Please provide us the wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time and the patience to always speak from a place of love.

Anthony - las vegas, Nevada, USA
Please pray for me and the ones I love as we are struggling threw the loss of loved ones.

Stella - , Ohio, USA
Please join me in prayers for my son. He is going through very difficult times in his life.

Clauda - easley, South Carolina, USA
I am having a hard time finding a job even with a BA and being military I am just struggling. Keep me in your thoughts please.

Star Thomas - North Port, Florida, USA
I would like to ask for all to pray for me to once again find my "peace" and that my journey that I am about to embark upon be blessed and guided from above.

chris - SPOKANE VLY, Washington, USA
i need to ask for the guardian angel please watch over me!!!

Elizabeth Ann Kinser - Spencer, Indiana, USA
Too bless my family. And what I am choosing to do. Too bless our new start. Also to bless my stepdad on a full recovery.

Meghan Fenton - Cooper City, Florida, USA
Please pray for my brother Kevin who is in the hospital in ICU for complications related to his very aggressive cancer. He is fighting so hard but the cancer is very aggressive. We ask you to help us bless and protect him from his cancerous disease and illness.

kirstie - San Antonio, Texas, USA
I would like to pray right now for my in-laws as they struggle with a terminally ill member. My God help ease his pain, and help guide them through this difficult time in their lives.

Warren - Porterville, California, USA
Faith is pretending to know things you really can't know. Yet, I look to the Universe with awe in my heart. May the life giving power of creation grant me the courage and stamina to face the days ahead as I continue to battle a life-threatening disease.

Kay - Byron, Illinois, USA
Please pray for Kevin Wheeler who has been in treatment for colon cancer for at least 3 years. He now has a tumor in his intestine which is scheduled to be surgically removed later this week. Please pray that he may be aware of God's presence and the prayers of his friends and family which are surrounding him.

Shirley - Owensville, Missouri, USA
That my friend, Rina Krazney, be healed of the mental anxiety that she suffers from and that She returns to the Soul-Esteem Center in St. Louis, for the Spirit of the Twelve Steps meeting there, and that she see herself whole, perfect and complete from this moment on.

Simon - Dolbeau-Mistassini, , Canada
Je prie, Pour tous ceux qui vivent des difficulté, je prie pour ceux et celles, qui sentent le besoin de recommencer a neuf, Seigneur Jésus, je t'en prie guide ces personnes vers toi, toi qui est l'eau de vie, Amen.

Paul - Dulwich Hill, , Australia
Please pray for my general health, that God would heal me, amen and thanks, paul

kortez hopkins - lithonia, Georgia, USA
Pray for everyone that may be going through any struggle at this point of their lives. Let them know that is no greater power than God and he will provide our every need.

lawrence cole - houston, Texas, USA
my mother has lung cancer,she has fought for the last 7 weeks now the doctors are saying it's only going to be a few more days.

keshika - triolet, , Mauritius
I am facing a dilemma. I was in a relationship with this man I love Sarvesh. But since last year my parents disapprove of him. They believe he is not the one for me. Now i have a choice between my family and my love. I want to ask for a prayer for a guidance. I want to know whether Sarvesh is infact my God-sent love or not. If he is please ask God to help me to convince my family and if this relationship is not God-sent then may God help us to separate in peace. Thanks

Stella - , Ohio, USA
I'm thankful that the Lord answered my prayers. and I pray I keep a positive attitude and not lose faith like I have before.

Stella - , Ohio, USA
need your prayers for my sister who is now in a nursing care facility and she doesn't like it one bit. She keeps saying she wants to go home, but it is the best for her right now to be in this facility since she wasn't taking care of herself, mainly because of a stroke and dementia. pray for all those who are in the nursing care units.

Amber - Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Please pray for anyone who feels lonely.

Merv - Baltimore , Maryland, USA
Please pray for Jim beach in saint joes in baltimore, for help in bring him back to full health ,his kidneys are not working,also heart problems......

Dora - Sebring, Florida, USA
Pls pray with me for the peaceful outcome of the situation in Ukraine and for success of my project with the Academy for the best of my clients. Thanks

stella - Lancaster, Ohio, USA
sister is in the hospital and she is a difficult person. she needs to be in a nursing care facility but won't hear of it, pray she will be well again and will voluntarily go to a nursing home where she can get the personal care she needs.

Anthony Cruz - las vegas, Nevada, USA
Heavenly Father, we ask thee to bless us all in these times and to bless us with thy spirit.

Ron Cram - gwinn, Michigan, USA
Dear Lord, I ask that everyone pray for my father Robert that is fighting stage 4 cancer. His cancer has spread all throughout his body.

Unicorn - las vegas, California, USA
I pray Ailesel Sedarie four the High Elves.

Hamisi - Dar es salaam, , Tanzania
Pray for my second born daughter who has a toumer in her abdomen and is due for operation in early October, 2014.

Taunia - N. Olmsted, Ohio, USA
I am in a wheelchair and can't get in and out of bed by myself. My aid service is quitting on me and I don't have anyone else right now to help me in and out of bed so my prayer is it I find someone hopefully in the next few days to help me get in and out of bed.

willie - san antonio, Texas, USA
I pray that the Lord touch All areas of my life and Bless me & my family with a breakthrough. the past 2 years have been very challenging, but I know he is with us. Thank you to the Father, Son, and Holy Jesus' name.

pirfa wilfred kumbin - jos, , Nigeria
pray for the massive outpouring of Gods power in my life and spirit.

Dan - Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA
Dear God, and thou art my God, thank you for answering my prayer, and help me to do your work. Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.


Unicorn - las vegas, California, USA
May Charlie find a balance in peace.

Mark - Cape Town, , South Africa
I ask that you all prayer for my youngest brother Jonanthan, who is currently fighting stage 4 brain and lung cancer in a London hospital

Tyler - Miller, Missouri, USA
I pray that the people who are important to me in life begin to find happiness and clarity. I pray that we can all hold on to our faith.

frances - west end, North Carolina, USA
I have a friend that is having surgery tomorrow for cancer. we just want he to be strong and to believe that our father God will be holding her in his heart and hands all the way till the end.

Mark - Villa Rica, Georgia, USA
My 16 year old nephew was beaten for being gay! He is in serious condition at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA. Please keep him in prayer his name is scott!

chris rowden - flowery branch, , USA
i ask ya to pray for me and my wife for physical strength to endure thru that we will be closer to god and to just do more for the kingdom of god amen am,en

karon - tyler, Texas, USA
I am asking for prayer for guidance on this new blessed