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The Universal Life Church promotes an all-inclusive religion. Anyone can use our tools to submit a prayer or to absolve their sins. Please take a few minutes to pray for others as they take the time to pray for you.

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This Week's Prayers

Micheline - Yelm, Washington, USA
Lord God of my being, Bless my life and that of all other living creatures on this earth, let us all make known the unknown and have a wonderful evolution in joy, good health and peace, let us forgive ourselves and others and not feel guilty for the past, Give us acceptance of our great capabilities so that we create a good life for ourselves, families, friends and neighbours, Let us love unconditionnally and always be grateful for all that comes our way. So be it

denice - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Please prayer for my dad. He has cancer. Hes had it for a year . Now he is turning for the worse , he only has days, maybe hours. Please pray for him.

Jeffery - Willow Spring, North Carolina, USA
i would like for everyone to pray for the homeless in our communities, may they find shelter and sustenance in the Lord and may the grace of our father bless those around us with the spirit of giving to those in need.

Patrick - Orlando , Florida, USA
Prayers to all those currently affected by the serious snow storms in the northern park of the states. May the good lord clear your skies shortly.

Nolan - , Tennessee, USA
I have a special prayer request. I live with my father. He is going thru divorce. He has been going to church for ten years. He is an usher and sometimes drives the church van. Nobody is perfect but i think he is returning to the man he was before he met Jesus. Pray for him that he remembers who died for him on the cross. Thank you.

Pastor Kathryn - Marysville , Washington, USA
Prayer for Mark H. He is at least twice severely tramatic brain injured. Has dementia and other serious issues. He feels totally alone. He has his Mother to call at times, and myself as his acting Attorney of Fact (agent). He is homeless, suffering, is the victim of assault, battery, exploitation and severe neglect by those who were charged to care for him. It is extremely difficult to find housing for him. He is suicidal and in a crisis shelter safe for another week. However,soon they will send him back out on the streets. I ask for prayers of protection, healing, peace, housing, and kind care when a home is found for him. I humbly ask for prayers for Our government officials. Pray they care for Mother Earth and for those who are "the least of these". Pray that closed minds, eyes, and hearts will be opened to see and feel empathy. I ask for prayers for Our troops and Veterans. I ask for lasting peace in our world. Pray dearest brothers and sisters, that I have the strength to carry on with the work I must do. Please pray that I do all with a loving, patient, and kind heart at all times. I pray for positive energies to be set out upon the Earth to make this all so and thus heal Our world. Peace and All Blessings to my fellow Brothers and Sisters. Thank you Great Spirit, thank you to those who read this, and pray for all good things to come to pass. I humbly pray Amen. Spiritual Sister Kathryn

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I speak blessing to everyone posted on this prayer board. May your wants and needs be met as God's will is fulfilled in your lives. May you conduct your lives walking in the Peace and Power of our Creator that lives within each of you. Please join me in prayer that I may hear God's directions as I embark on the adventure of returning to college to prepare myself to be a help to my fellow human beings as Gods plan is fulfilled in my own life. This I pray in Jesus' name. Amen

Dan - Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA
My God, thank you for your blessings. Amen.

michael - southport, , United Kingdom
I pray that ALL your prayers aare answered ,NOW! May I pray for the healing energy of Reiki be sent to you ALL,,

Kate - Augusta, Georgia, USA
Please pray for Thich Nhat Hanh. He has suffered a brain hemorrhage. He has brought me more peace and happiness than I knew was possible in this life. His compassion and his unwavering determination to bring love and beauty to the world has forever enriched all of our lives. While I know that we cannot keep him physically on this earth forever, please pray that he knows the peace and love that he has brought to countless others. Please pray that he is comfortable and has no regrets. In his honor, please breathe deeply and recognize that you are alive. Please love and forgive unconditionally, as he would.

Michael - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
I am thinking of each and every one of you who are needing or wanting... You aren't alone. You are loved and cherished. Please try to live your life to the fullest possible potential.

Melinda - , Arizona, USA
I am asking for prayer that my broken foot heals as I can't afford healthcare. The pain level is sometimes extreme as I continue to work. Thank you for praying with me.

Rev. Chad - , Arizona, USA
First Of all I pray for all of You, I was just ordained today and I pray that I am always a good minister and never lose my way. In the name of Jesus I pray...Please pray for me and mine. Amen

mlchael - b'ham, Alabama, USA
Enter your prayer request here... pray 4 my wife and my unborn baby. she will be in the world on December 11. thanks 4 the prays. we all need them.

Heather - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Father I am having a hard time right now, you know I try not to be selfish and pray for myself but I need your help now. Strength, Hope and Love. Amen

Andrew - Dumfries, , United Kingdom
I have walked and fell, as many before me have done, we who fall look to yourself to watch over us as we pick ourself up, watch over others as you have watched over me. My thanks to you

Lanny Blacklock - Temple, , USA
May I be of use to God to help others who are searching for life's meaning.

Patrick - East Liverpool, Ohio, USA
Please pray for a young lady named Jamie believed to have uterine cancer. She was pregnant and lost the baby. She's just going thru a lot right now please keep her in prayer

Vera - Jackson, Mississippi, USA
We opened a Prayer Center a year ago in a lease building. The presence of the Lord is doing great things there. We have found a home for the prayer center and need the favor of God to own it.

Sally Davis - Garland, Texas, USA
Please pray for Tom Howell he is suffering with multiple myeloma cancer and is starting chemotherapy treatment. His wife has lupus and a cancer survivor. They are on hard times living in a home that is falling apart. Between the treatment and fixing the house they only have enough for treatment. They are alone no family. She has done worked in the prison ministry changing lives. They are wholesome people. Please send them your prayers.

Cheyenne Steel - Qatar, Doha, , Qatar
I pray that everyone's prayers are heard

leslie - monon, Indiana, USA
I'm try to make some major decisions in my life about moving and I'm praying that God will show me where it is that he wants me to be. And I'm wanting to get more involved in my church and I'm praying that he will show me how I can be. I'm just going through a difficult time with decisions and can't make them without knowing what God wants me to do.

Carolyn - Marion , Ohio, USA
Asking for prayers for my husband and I we are going through rough times, I don't want to throw away 17 years together but nothing is working.

Darlene - Laurel, Maryland, USA
Please pray for Dionne Leonard's grand daughter who is in NicU because she was born to early and is only 2 pounds.

Patrick - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Please pray for Jenna Van Bree Thompson and her little infant son Lukas who is not breathing without the aid of a cpap machine. Please pray for comfort and love during their dark time.

Benjamin - Massena, New York, USA
Prayer request for recovery, healing, and most of all a lifting guidance as I overcome some legal issues and better my life. Thank you

bradley - harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

Kim - Bay City, Texas, USA
To all who need healing and all who need to maintain there faith that tomorrow will be a better day, I would like to send healing thoughts and prayers to you. May we all be of one mind and one heart, that of love and peace. Bright Blessings. So mote it be!

dotty - Delray, Florida, USA
Financial assistance after several years of work and children hardship due to family health and death of my father in June. I am thankful and grateful for your assisting me in prayers. Thank you Dotty

Jo-Ann - Holbrook, New York, USA
Please pray for my family that they may be blessed to desire to have a closer walk with Jesus.

Judith - Columbus, Georgia, USA
Heavenly Father, please anoint me in the quest of becoming a minister. Please give me strength, courage and pease in my heart as I begin to share the Lord with everyone. In Jesus Name, Amen

Leah - Doniphan, Missouri, USA
FIRST, Thank you Lord for innumerable blessings. & I ask for Health & recovery for myself & several family members.

Jean E Jackson - Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
I need a prayer for my cousin Michelle Hamilton for a speedy recovery.

Dan - Washington, District of Columbia, USA
I Pray for my mother's health and my father's wellness, and please help my family reconnect this Month of October 2014

Loralai - Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Prayers for all the children growing up in foster care, abusive homes, and in menta/physical/emotional pain...and for those adults who were once those children.

Ben - Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Please provide us the wisdom to make the right decisions at the right time and the patience to always speak from a place of love.

Anthony - las vegas, Nevada, USA
Please pray for me and the ones I love as we are struggling threw the loss of loved ones.

Stella - , Ohio, USA
Please join me in prayers for my son. He is going through very difficult times in his life.

Clauda - easley, South Carolina, USA
I am having a hard time finding a job even with a BA and being military I am just struggling. Keep me in your thoughts please.

Star Thomas - North Port, Florida, USA
I would like to ask for all to pray for me to once again find my "peace" and that my journey that I am about to embark upon be blessed and guided from above.

chris - SPOKANE VLY, Washington, USA
i need to ask for the guardian angel please watch over me!!!

Elizabeth Ann Kinser - Spencer, Indiana, USA
Too bless my family. And what I am choosing to do. Too bless our new start. Also to bless my stepdad on a full recovery.

Meghan Fenton - Cooper City, Florida, USA
Please pray for my brother Kevin who is in the hospital in ICU for complications related to his very aggressive cancer. He is fighting so hard but the cancer is very aggressive. We ask you to help us bless and protect him from his cancerous disease and illness.

kirstie - San Antonio, Texas, USA
I would like to pray right now for my in-laws as they struggle with a terminally ill member. My God help ease his pain, and help guide them through this difficult time in their lives.

Warren - Porterville, California, USA
Faith is pretending to know things you really can't know. Yet, I look to the Universe with awe in my heart. May the life giving power of creation grant me the courage and stamina to face the days ahead as I continue to battle a life-threatening disease.

Kay - Byron, Illinois, USA
Please pray for Kevin Wheeler who has been in treatment for colon cancer for at least 3 years. He now has a tumor in his intestine which is scheduled to be surgically removed later this week. Please pray that he may be aware of God's presence and the prayers of his friends and family which are surrounding him.

Shirley - Owensville, Missouri, USA
That my friend, Rina Krazney, be healed of the mental anxiety that she suffers from and that She returns to the Soul-Esteem Center in St. Louis, for the Spirit of the Twelve Steps meeting there, and that she see herself whole, perfect and complete from this moment on.

Simon - Dolbeau-Mistassini, , Canada
Je prie, Pour tous ceux qui vivent des difficulté, je prie pour ceux et celles, qui sentent le besoin de recommencer a neuf, Seigneur Jésus, je t'en prie guide ces personnes vers toi, toi qui est l'eau de vie, Amen.

Paul - Dulwich Hill, , Australia
Please pray for my general health, that God would heal me, amen and thanks, paul

kortez hopkins - lithonia, Georgia, USA
Pray for everyone that may be going through any struggle at this point of their lives. Let them know that is no greater power than God and he will provide our every need.