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Minister's Service Manual


No matter what the occasion--weddings, funerals, dedications, baptisms---you'll come well prepared with this essential resource! A timely update on a pastor-trusted favorite, it's full of indispensable information such as where families should stand in wedding receiving lines.

Also includes forms and services for anniversaries, benedictions, home dedications, ordinations, and more.

User reviews

The Perfect Pocket Sized Minister's Guide

By Herb Ford, Ithaca, NY

I was ordained by the Universal Life Church three years ago and after running into a little trouble writing my own sermons, I decided I would also place an order for the Minister's Service Manual. I had no idea how often this little manual would come in handy! Though it fits in your pocket and is only about 250 pages, this little guy is full of information for any newly ordained ULC Monastery Reverend. The Minister's Service Manual is separated into 6 chapters which cover marriages, illness and funerals, special occasions, church procedures, leading public worship and record keeping. This guide was so helpful I ended up ordering the Baker's Funeral Handbook and Wedding Handbook as well. These are the perfect guides for any newly ordained ULC minister.