The Universal Life Church adds new members every day, and occasionally some of those members happen to appear on TV performing weddings, or sometimes even celebrities officiate weddings. Below are some of the highlights of some of our ministers proudly representing our organization and officiating weddings on TV.

Conan O'Brien Gets Ordained

Conan O'brien, host of Conan on TBS, made history one night on November 3rd, 2011, on his television show as he performed a New York same sex marriage live on his show for costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan. Having never been ordained before, Conan decided to walk his viewers through the fast and easy process to becoming ordained, all while providing all of us with a few laughs. Conan is always looking to push the boundaries in his career, and by performing this wedding, many more followed in his footsteps. Conan is a proud member of the Universal Life Church.

Joan Rivers Officiates Same Sex Couple's Wedding at NY Book Signing

Joan Rivers, a name a lot of you know from her works as a Television host, on movies, and as an author, also happened to be one of our most active celebrity ministers. She has performed many weddings for fans, friends, and family, but this one in particular happened to be featured on TV. Joan Rivers officiated a random impromptu same sex wedding between two of her fans at one of her book signings at a Barnes & Noble. Jed Ryan and Joe Aiello, a couple of three years, were waiting to get their books signed when Joe recalled that Joan was also an ordained minister. "While we were waiting, we were reading the book," Aiello told ET. "She mentioned being an ordained minister, and I jokingly asked [Ryan], 'Do you think it's true? Maybe she'll marry us.' And he goes, 'Ask her.' So I did. I don't think he really thought I would, and neither one of us thought she'd say yes!" We were heartbroken to hear of Joan's passing recently, but she will always be remembered not only for her works on TV, but her caring heart and love of all people. Thank you Joan for proudly representing the Universal Life Church!

Stephen Colbert marries couple on the Colbert Report

Comedian, actor, and television host Stephen Colbert married Mike Cassesso and MaiLien on his television show The Colbert Report. Both Mike and MaiLien originally had their wedding planned to take place on federal land, but due to the fact that it had been closed because of a government shutdown they couldn't have it. Stephen, a man of very many talents, chose to get ordained as a minister and took the initiative to have them on his show to do the wedding there live for thousands of viewers. Full of laughs and cheers, the wedding was a great success, thanks Stephen!

Paul McCartney Marries Couple On Stage

Paul McCartney, most known for his works in the Beatles as well as his solo career, is one of the greats when it comes to rock n roll. At his age, he is still touring and rocking his way around the globe, so at one of his shows in Phoenix Arizona, a couple held up a sign that caught his eye. It asked if he could perform their wedding on the stage right then and there, to which he replied yes (Although he has his doubts that he is infact ordained, he did it anyway).

Down East Dickering: Yummy's Going to Get Ordained

There are many reality shows on television now a days, but one in particular, Down East Dickering, takes it's viewers back in time to a more throwback way of barter and selling. Located in Maine, these New Englanders engage in transactions for certain goods by either payment of coin or services. One character that goes by the name of Yummy, is tasked with officiating a wedding, but first, he must figure out just exactly what that entails.

Extreme Cheapskates Pizza Parlor Wedding

Extreme Cheapskates is exactly how the name suggests: A show that showcases all the most outrageous penny pincher's and how they go about their spending and things that may cost a lot more. In this episode, the main characters decide to throw a wedding, going to the very extremes to keep their budget low and their pockets full. One of those tasks is to find someone to officiate the wedding.

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