Barbara Ann Michaels

Barbara Ann Michaels, Jester of the Peace

Barbara Ann Michaels is the Jester of the Peace, and someone that the Universal Life Church is proud to call their own. Imaginative and detail oriented, Michaels creates weddings that adhere neither to tradition nor etiquette, but are designed to give each and every couple the wedding of their dreams.

On July 30, 2011, Michaels was put to the test and superseded all expectations. Presiding over a circus themed service as well as elements of traditional Korean wedding ceremony, Michaels showed incredible versatility and expressed a want and willingness to do more.

"The most important thing is everyone is able to be true to themselves," Michaels said after performing her first ceremony at Pop Up Chapel.

Despite their proximity and differences, Michaels brought the same joy and professional demeanor to both ceremonies and brought both crowds to tears as the couples said "I do" and she pronounced them wed.

As the sun climbed higher and the temperature rose, Michaels prepared for her second ceremony that would performed that day. It would be circus themed and she would be dressed in a top hat to fit the part. A good sport and willing officiant, Michaels proved that what creates an outstanding ceremony isn't tradition but love and generosity.

What was most apparent throughout both ceremonies was Michaels' ability to listen to her clients and transform their deep and undying feelings for one another into a wedding ceremony that could present their devotion to the world. She takes on these challenges happily. Meeting with her clients over Skype and doing extensive editing back and forth over email, Michaels was able to weave together a ceremony that used the couples' own language in describing their love for one another. It was a personal touch that made the ceremonies moving and deeply personal.

Seeing Michaels carry the same joy and attention to detail from the first ceremony to the second, which had a completely different mood and itinerary was the part that was most impressive. Further, during the second ceremony Michaels performed included elements from four different cultures' traditions. In doing so she and the couple were able to pay homage to all love, present, past and future.

The Universal Life Church is proud to have an officiant as caring and thoughtful and Barbara as a part of our community. If you would like to plan your wedding with her, please visit .