Universe Advent Calendar

Counting down the days to Christmas is fun and educational for the whole family with the Universe & Galaxy Advent Calendar's 24 celestial bodies pendants.


Product Description

Advent calendars are fun ways for ministers and families to countdown the days to Christmas. This year's countdown will be out of this world with the Universe & Galaxy Advent Calendar! The twenty-four unique pendants of celestial bodies hidden behind these doors can be used as keychains, necklace charms, or holiday ornaments for the Christmas tree. They're helpful reminders of just how vast and marvelous our universe is, and can help you share a wider perspective with those around you.

The calendar is 8.2" x 6.2" x 2.5" in size and comes pre-sealed to keep the pendants a secret until it's time to reveal the surprise inside! You're sure to find inspiration in the stars this holiday season with these collectible pendants.