Magic for the Resistance

Rituals and Spells for Change
Michael M. Hughes

This comprehensive text will help those interested in magical activism learn about spell-casting as a way of manifesting social justice, peace, and equality.


Product Description

Are you frustrated with the political state of your nation? Are you looking for a new way to take action? With advice on politically charged magical activism as well as spells and rituals even beginners can use, Magic for the Resistance may be the book for you. In the book, you will find the famous anti-Trump ritual with the orange candle. There is a lot of buzz about the ritual and it's effectiveness to our President. Author Michael M. Hughes is an authority on politics, magic, pop culture, psychedelics, the paranormal, and tarot. His book includes a variety of interesting spells, including some to influence the following important issues circling the media and our current politics:

  • Refugee support
  • Immigration
  • Women's rights
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Anti-fascism
  • Racial justice
  • Environmentalism