wiccan, pagan, earth centered, equinox
September 19th, 2013

As autumn arrives in the northern hemisphere, a strange change takes place in the atmosphere, with a slight nip in the air, the fragrant smell of damp soil, and the crunch of new-fallen leaves underfoot. It is also a time … Continue reading

church of england, interfaith minister, get ordained
July 3rd, 2013

What would it be like to worship the Goddess inside a Christian cathedral, or to hold a Christian sermon inside a prehistoric stone circle? The Church of England (CoE) has announced plans to make such a scenario into reality by … Continue reading

pagan, solstice, wiccan
June 21st, 2013

A Solstice Celebration On this day, June 21st, the sun will reach its zenith in the sky. The amount of daylight in a day has reached its maximum and the sun is at the peak of its power. This is … Continue reading

Wicca, pagan, get ordained
June 5th, 2013

If God’s “grace” covers atheists—as Pope Francis I recently declared—it covers Wiccans and members of other earth-based religions too, a Christian pastor has said. The Rev. Dr. Sarah Halverson, of Fairview Community Church in Costa Mesa, California, made the suggestion … Continue reading

May 7th, 2013

Beltane, or May Day, celebrates a New Season The transition from April into May marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer. During this time, the northern hemisphere is flourishing with new growth and warmer weather. The memory … Continue reading

Rabbits were said to have been the minions of Oestre.
March 19th, 2013

Many of those preparing to celebrate Easter may not realize there are others planning to celebrate Ostara at the same time. The two holidays are actually closely related and draw upon similar historical roots. Ostara is essentially the pagan incarnation … Continue reading

fake news, Universal Life Church, mockery
February 22nd, 2013

Imagine turning on the television set to watch the news only to hear a group of pundits unleash a scathing salvo of insults directed at your religion. Recently on the Fox News program Fox & Friends Sunday, Tucker Carlson, founder … Continue reading

zodiac, constellation, Jesus, Universal Life Church
December 12th, 2012

A popular topic during the holiday season is the Nativity. Some might not realize that a synonym of nativity is horoscope. Those who are aware of this may have heard the view that the birth of Jesus Christ brought about … Continue reading

June 11th, 2012

2012 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials, among the most infamous witch trials in Britain. In commemoration, a local artist proposed a hillside art installation in Pendle, where the accused witches lived, but local officials ultimately rejected … Continue reading

April 24th, 2012

In Britain, there’s no such thing as formal separation of church and state, and schools are required to teach religious education (RE) classes. To avoid religious bias, the country has tried to include a diverse range of faiths in RE … Continue reading