A female pastor
As society’s views on gender roles have evolved, more women have taken on leadership positions in the church. But not all faith groups are on board.

For numerous progressive churches and denominations, allowing female pastors is an obvious step toward equality and inclusion. But not so for many traditionally-inclined faith groups. Their view — stemming from a particular interpretation of biblical teachings — is that women can never become clergy members, as only men are capable of performing the role.

Of all the pressing issues facing religious groups today, it’s of no surprise that this topic hasn’t received the wave of public attention that, say, clergy abuse has. But every once in a while, something (or someone) reignites the debate.

Traditionalists Push Back

Enter Seth Dunn, a theologian, host of a religious podcast, and Twitter user who generated a storm of controversy online after he decided to hit “send” on a particularly fiery tweet comparing female pastors to abusive priests:

Unsurprisingly, the overall reaction to Dunn’s tweet was… less than positive. For some, it was a clear example of Christian bigotry in action. Critics alleged that it was typical of a religious conservative to focus more attention on shutting women out of leadership positions than on keeping children safe from abusers.

But even many of Dunn’s fellow Christians expressed disappointment and called him out for making such an extreme and unproductive statement. Specifically, his detractors implored Dunn to consider how his words failed to align with basic Christian principles — and how they would be received by victims of clergy abuse.

“Because The Bible Says So”

Not one to back down from a challenge, Dunn quickly doubled down on his claims. Saying women shouldn’t be pastors is simply an extension of biblical teachings, he asserted. As for his critics, apparently they’re just misguided anti-theist keyboard warriors.

And in case that wasn’t clear enough, he sent out one more message to really drive the point home:

Changing Times

For centuries, the position of clergy was reserved exclusively for men. The rules were pretty simple: men were expected to lead, and women to follow.

However, things finally began to change in recent decades as society’s views on gender roles evolved and women were given more opportunities to hold leadership positions. Certain forward-thinking denominations decided that excluding women from becoming clergy members was a silly policy, and began welcoming them with open arms.

Here’s a statistic that stands out: in 1960, just 2.3% of clergy in the U.S. were women. In 2016, that number was 20.7%.

But despite this progress, women are still vastly outnumbered by men in church leadership positions. And unlike, say, the demographic makeup on an oil rig, that discrepancy can’t be explained by other factors like career interests or physical ability. Some denominations simply refuse to allow women to become pastors or enter leadership roles – regardless of how interested they might be in the position.

And let’s not even get started on how women who’ve been victims of domestic violence are treated by some mainstream religions.

Why Do Some Churches Exclude Women?

Would letting women take on more responsibility really cause irreparable damage to the church? In the minds of some, the answer is a definitive “yes.”

As religious thinkers like Seth Dunn demonstrate, this resistance to allowing female clergy is so steadfast that women in cassocks are considered just as much of a threat as abusive priests.

If you’re having trouble squaring that logic, you’re not alone.

What does the future hold? Are faith groups justified in adhering to strict biblical interpretations regarding gender roles in the church, or should they instead look to change with the times?


  1. Katelynne Victoria Shouse says:

    Pfffft, denominations who refuse women deserve to die the slow death they will ultimately experience. Good riddance!

    1. Jim says:

      While I disagree with your comment about denominations die a slow death, a woman should have the right to become clergy just like men. That said if people want it that way so be it. Some religions like the catholic religion says you cant get married. I don’t really understand that either but as long as the catholic folks agree to it so be it.

      1. Steve Kosovich says:

        If they were allowed to marry there would be a lot less child abuse in the Catholic Church.

        1. skye riversong says:

          no, just ask any preacher’s daughter, married clergy can just molest their own kids instead of other peoples’.

        2. Anita Rogers says:

          There is a special deviance with sexual predators. They go into professions of trust around children so they have access to their prey. It has nothing to do with sexual lacking. It’s sexual preference access.

      2. Elder Lee says:

        In these times we live it is so important as the true leaders in the church the pastors preachers , We tell and teach and preach the bible the word of God not false doctrine and worldly ways that contradict the word and misleads folk in the Gospel of Jesus Christ .There is not one scripture that supports Women called to preach or have preached or a name of any woman preaching . God did not call women to preach nor to have authority over Man . In the secular world there are women CEOs managers judges . teachers , How ever Not one Woman is called to have authority to preach and lead a man in the bible.. 12 men Jesus ordained .12 disciples not one was a woman .700 priest the bible states not one is a woman. Times have changed but this has nothing to do with changing the word of God. Many scriptures stand as commands and Law. God created Male and Female he made no mistakes . We have all a responsibility those who are believers , are to be obedient to the word of God , Not Man .The real truth is These Pastors and other male leaders in the church are the ones compromising the Word of God knowing they are wrong . Causing confusion positioning women to be leaders over Men in the church . usually for monetary gain and pride. , why would any woman want to be the head of a man ? Man was created before Woman , Woman was created for Man 1 Corinthians 11:9. She is to be a help meet to the man . as stated in Genesis 2:18 Man shall not compromise the Bible . KJV Word of God Revelation 22:18 -19 .. 1 Timothy 2:12 .. 1 Corinthians 14:34. Titus 1 :9 .. Titus 2:1-5 .. 1 Corinthians 14:35 .. 1 Timothy 2:11 -13 .. 1 Timothy 3:1

        1. Doug Daggett says:

          Elder Lee, you are biblically correct. Cannot argue against scriptural facts.

        2. lionheart2020 says:

          Mr Lee, I’m trying to understand why you advocate teaching and preaching to people about a book that advocates slavery, stoning, death and destruction, infanticide, blood and gore, global drowning by a mythical deity, mythical stories of magic, all somehow mixed in with love. Perhaps you can help me understand that dichotomy?

          Until I hear back, I’ll stick to reading Harry Potter. It certainly seems a better story book for children.


          1. William N Hodges says:

            It is always interesting to me how people pick and chose from the Bible the things they will cite, ignoring other passages. It is indeed a complex book and one can prove almost anything if they bend the passages to fit their views.

          2. Lionheart says:

            On the contrary William, I’m fully aware of biblical passages of love and acknowledge them, so do you think I’m bending those passages if I find love in them? Why is it that you cannot acknowledge biblical passages of slavery and stoning as condoned by your God? Are you denying the global genocidal flood? Are you ignoring the infanticidal tendency of your God or are you still thinking I’m bending biblical passages as though they didn’t happen?

            The Bible is there to pick and choose whatever we want. If your god didn’t want us to do that he would have made sure they were not in there to read. It’s a very narrow minded person that only reads a book and finds passages of love, and totally discounts everything else because it doesn’t fit their narrative of what they want the book to be all about.

            As Richard Dawkins excellently states: “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

    2. lionheart2020 says:

      Was that some sort of good Christian remark? I’m not religious so my morals compass is obviously different to yours. I try as best I can to treat people with some sort of civility. I can assure you it’s well worth trying.


      1. Rev. Rene says:

        Dear Lionheart2020, was this not an excessively snarky comment, or did I misinterpret it wrong? And was it directed to the person saying congregations disallowing women should die a slow death, of course via a diminishing congregation? Or was this your somewhat misguided comment to say you do not want women ministering in a religious capacity? I am merely trying in the most civil way I can formulate to say your comment was not only vague, but definitely not civil!!!

        1. lionheart2020 says:

          You misinterpreted it wrong. I’m more than happy for women to serve in any capacity, religious or not. I very much doubt they could make a worse job of it than men have done in the past.

          Thank you for your comment.

          1. Carl Elfstrom says:

            The Pope may not realize it but there have always been female priests. There’s a bit of a girl in all of us, and some are more in – tune with that aspect of themselves than others. Wearing dresses doesn’t helpmake them feel manly. So accepting women into into the clergy really isn’t doing anything different, except coming to terms with reality, which may be too much to ask of those girls.

      2. John Whitmer says:

        When i attended a chaplaincy event two weeks ago guess what the ratio was ? 70% women and 30% men that were Ministers, Reverends,or Chaplains; all ordained !!!! I believe the wheels of denying women their place out of the sits are over..Some of these women spoke far better of the Bible and The Glory of Jesus than i have heard from our males.. Yes allow them To take up the position of being head of A Church …They have my Blessings…..

    3. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Women deserve more rights than anyone else, and should be worshipped like demigoddesses, not only in the bedroom. However, that’s a good place to start.

      1. Shane says:

        No one deserves to have more rights than anyone else.

    4. Rev. Timothy Sisler says:

      THIS is definitely a touchy subject, but to my knowledge of the scriptures Jesus treated women as equals , there is even mention of a female Prophet in the church when Jesus was dedicated as a baby . And from what I understand , Paul was the only one that discriminated against women’s role in the church. Most of the apostles took their wife’s with them when they went on a mission trip, including Peter. And it wasn’t until the formation of the Catholic church that woman was denied access to the function of the church . And it was centuries later that they allowed the formation of the nuns.

    5. Gary says:

      You need to read the book of Timothy regarding women as ministers. Paul clearly states women are not to take that role.
      Also, would a true Godly woman ever wish death on anyone for any reason. Perhaps you should read what Jesus said.
      Something about loving they neighbor etc.

      1. Vicky says:

        “Paul clearly states women are not yo take that role.”

        Paul. PAUL.

        Not Jesus. Not God. Paul.

        1. pcfield says:

          And He said it was his opinion not a command of God…I take from scripture, “God does not see male or female…” and “There is no marriage given in heaven…” There has been women prophets and church leaders with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to share with the church and one usually sees women/mothers in a teaching position with children of both sexes and of course women’s groups, as Paul suggested. If God leads you to serve, serve in the capacity He has given you male or female on this Earth.

          I read that women were thought to be deformed males back in the day, how male minded is that? They are the center of creation, the first made/born, thus the privileged ones in all things…let them keep messing up and women can clean up after, making everything okay for all. Unless they get prideful too. Strive for Peace amoungst mankind, both male, female, confused or confident in calling themselves whatever they “feel” they are…It is written, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

        2. Patrick Gordon Connors says:

          God clearly calls upon Men to lead the Church, but Women to take an active role in
          teaching the the ” Good Book “.

        3. Hank Stanco says:

          What’s your point Vicky? Paul’s letters are clearly to edify the church members. It was accepted as canonical in 325 ACE.

          I would probably accept your argument If Jesus had chosen at least one woman among his twelve.

    6. Larry Copeland says:

      God wrote the rules for his church!! Who has he given the right to change it? Satan is changing it to recruit students for his Home in HELL. Gods words can’t be changed or altered to suit mans ideals.

      1. lionheart2020 says:

        Are you referring to his rules on slavery and how to treat slaves, or are you referring to his rule on stoning people to death? Just asking!

        If Satan is the antipathy of everything God is and approves then I assume Satan would not approve of stoning and slavery. Sounds like he might actually be a nice guy.

      2. Shanna says:

        Ummm. You are aware that the bible that we read today has been changed many times to suit man’s ideals. Simply ask yourself which version of the bible you read. King james, or one of the others. Throughout our history the bible has been edited to reflect what the church needed its followers to believe at the time. For all we know putting women at the head of the church was God’s original plan, until men got a hold of it to change it.

        1. Jack says:

          Boom! Well done.

      3. pcfield says:

        Oh my, Larry, man alters His Word all the time to create their very own church groups and dogma with their own view of what God is demanding of all. Why are there so many churches proclaiming to be the “Only True Church of God/Christ” and Teaching the only “Truth”. Follow them or perish! I do not belong to any of them, I am a “Relationist” if one must name my belief system. I trust in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit in a personal relationship as One. I do and say what the Spirit tells me, love your neighbor, lay hands on this or that person, seek peace with all you meet, pray for others and forgive those who persecute you. Follow Christ’s example..

    7. Amber Castleman says:

      Women Clergymen should lead some things in the Church God doesn’t discriminate so why should the Church if a Church does such things then they are not much a Church they are not much of God as they say they are.

    8. Chris says:

      Why is that christianity has to change but no other religion is put up on the chopping block….what about sikh or muslim? Why do christians have to change what their teachings are but no one else does??? Just a thought.

    9. Pastor Dave says:

      The Bible is full of great Spirit FILLED WOMEN . Would you tell Mary the mother of Jesus she could not preach ?

  2. Joe says:

    Fighter pilots, front line soldiers, doctors, judges…
    ’bout time?!

    1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM says:

      Right On!

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        They also make good cooks, waitresses, and maids. I don’t think there’s anything that women aren’t good at.

  3. Alan J Meunier says:

    Churches will need to either change with the times or go the way of the dinosaur.

  4. Gary says:

    I agree with all of these comments so far. No more pedophile priests. Women are almost always more nurturing.

    1. Joe says:

      Let’s not get to optimistic. Perverts will always seek positions of power.

  5. Ben says:

    Why would any woman want to be a Christian priestess?
    It’s clear in the Bible the God hates women.

    1. Rev. Rene says:

      No, the bible we all assume as gospel was decided on by a group of MEN under Constantine in about the year 400. That makes it a guidance written by men for men, and women were not even considered at that time! I am very sure our Lord had NO hand in this!!!

      1. James says:

        I believe in the scripture of his travels; Christ met with two femal teachers an spent many hours discussing religious teaching! It also said he favored them for their interests as teachers !

    2. Gail D says:

      Ben, I totally agree. The men who wrote the bible invented a god-head in their own image with their own hates & prejudices. The question is how to get more of today’s men to realize that and change their attitudes. Why any woman would want to honor such a creation or allow themselves to be subjugated is a mystery to me. Women need to wake up and realize that.

  6. Tom says:

    If they had female pastors when I was growing up, I would have been an alter boy…

  7. Gerardo says:

    The religion of Ancient Egypt lasted for more than 3,000 years yett today only scholars know anything about it. If you had told an Egyptian that his beliefs one day would be considered as only myths he would have you killed.
    Our present day religions, with the exception of Judaism, are relatively newcomers and who knows when they will be relegated to museums. High priestesses existed in ancient times and History will repeat itself. I consider this discussion an sterile one.

    1. lionheart2020 says:

      Great points Gerardo. If I had to choose a mythical deity it would be Isis. She loved Osiris so much that she brought him back from the dead with him having been killed and his body parts distributed all over the place. Now THAT’S what you call a miracle!!!

  8. Stacy says:

    I could take five pastors put them on the pulpit ask each pastor the same exact question and off I’ve passed us will have a different answer.

  9. Philip Ryan says:

    The bible did not hate women, but the priests, who interpreted it did, and the society at the time blindly followed . It is time that true Christians followed the example of Jesus’s love and a new way of life and allowed women into office, gays to marry and stop harking back to ancient Jewish practices, which certain mysoginistic and homophobic earlier church leaders saw fit to follow. Jesus’s one law was to love one another, full stop, not make excuses to hate and alienate.

    1. lionheart2020 says:

      “Jesus’s one law was to love one another?”

      NIV Luke 12:47 “The servant (slave) who knows the masters will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows”

      NIV Luke 19:27 “But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them – bring them here and kill them in front of me”

      All typical statements of a man seeking retribution, and one who dotes on punishment. Sounds like statements from a major cartel drug Lord to me, or a radical religious fundamentalist. But let’s ignore these verses and pretend it’s all about love.

      1. Adalberto says:

        Blessings: even respecting every person opinion, I always recommend caution in establishing a theological position by using just one(isolated) verse of the scriptures. Beware of a wrongful interpretation due to the incapacity to do a responsible exegesis.

        1. lionheart2020 says:

          Ummmm, I think I listed two verses, not one, but I can list many more if you wish.

  10. Tom says:

    Respectfully; equality is equality…it applies to all areas of life…”organized religions” that exclude women from positions of any kind are not ethical…and I agree with Joe; it is irrational to take the position that women can die for their country, but can not lead the country in prayer…Peace…Tom

  11. torro says:

    women have ALL the rights to become involved in the clergy, I have worked with them in different parts of the world and as far as I am concerned they are more superior, as that creature called dunn did not have a mother, don’t know how he has survived for so long.

  12. ET says:

    Women who remain members of a belief system that doesn’t respect them as equals have made that choice for whatever reason. It is what it is.

  13. Jim D says:

    It amazes me that in this day and age women are not considered for roles they could fill as easily as men. No wonder the modern world is leaving the church in droves! Evolution of a religion is no different than evolution of a species… Adapt or become extinct.

  14. Pastor Xal says:

    @GSethDunn Ephesians 4:29-32 “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”
    That being said, formulating hateful and divisive opinions based on a 2000+ year old text is also not productive. The original language and cultural definitions of the words has been watered down and translated many different ways, usually to the benefit of whomever is doing the “new” translation. For example, the gospels of Mary and Judas are both “left out” of any bible version. Why?
    My question is why would any woman choose to adhere to ancient customs that “allows” her to achieve at the most, 2nd best? According to Christian Biblical teachings, god chose a woman to carry transform a prophet to earth, not a man. That seems an important point of who did the leadership role for Jesus.
    I’m not a follower of religious organization because they seem to be unjust yet threaten their believers with some form of eternal fiery torture if the religions “rules” are not followed. Where’s the love?
    I wonder if Mr Dunn as a child, had religious instruction from his Mother? Would that not have made his mother a teacher of God? Isn’t that the role of leadership positions in religious organizations?
    This is not a post from a judgmental or fearful stance and do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings or belief system.

    1. Danielle Lyle says:

      Thank you we are all just trying to send out the word of god not hate.

      1. Lionheart says:

        Actually Danielle, we are not all trying to send out the word of God because we all don’t know what that is, or even means, due to the great number of incongruencies listed in the Bible, that’s if it’s the Christian God you are referring to. Much of the word of God seems to be filled with anger, jealousy, and hate, so we wouldn’t want to espouse that type of behavior anyway.

        Many of us don’t even believe in any god because we see no evidence for it. All we see is superstitious mumbo jumbo written in a book that has been deemed holy by some very dubious and questionable individuals.

        Having said all that, I’m in total agreement though to spread the word of love as best we can without bringing any fictitious, or mythical, deities into it.

        Peace ✌🏻

  15. Quasi says:

    All religious institutions have arbitrarily rituals and restrictions that are made up be the originators of the mythology. Because of perilous times, and often at the end of a sword of coercion, concessions are made on all sides. Overtime, it is inevitable that what seemed perfectly usual can no longer be observed meaningfully or with peril of life. It is said that to the victor go the spoils. I have seen that same attitude in all religious, except Zen Buddhism. So many religions are set up on segregations of one form or another, for some arbitrary reason or another. That is why we must call them all as branded mythologies, as the origin is a human or a group of humans who wish to enlarge their circle for some arbitrary ideology, and which is always centered around accumulation of some form of wealth, real or imaginary, such as crowns in heaven, stars after you die, post-life planetary tyrant dictator, a place on Cloud 9. They also feel a push back, and someone decides to impose their power position onto others who do not wish to participate. But that jihadit-style warring, or dictatorial-style administration, all takes load of money to operate. Keeping the “holy commune” is expensive and a great deal of overhead. So it is really the sheep who are feeding their alpha lion at the top. Over millenial time, it all becomes about money, and religion only leads to corruption and power grabs. Brick-and-mortar churches in the USA are just licensed businesses of one form or another, and they all sponsor commercial activities, to make money to feed the alpha lion at the top.

    As a minister of this ULC fellowship, I know we all must have some sort of base to hold us steady in the storms of life. I am glad to promote freedom of religion, as long as all of the warnings, side effects, requirements, rituals and restrictions are understood up front by the initiate. Too many people get suckered into a quagmire of undue peer pressure to keep you a member, and toss you out when convenient or a burden.

    But in any case, let Freedom ring loud and clear. We all are free to believe as we see fit, and we are not empowered to impose our ideology onto anyone else. We all should be a port in a storm for any beleaguered person we encounter as we take this journey of life. If you can’t choose anything to be, at least, be nice and be kind. You will need it to be returned one day, like it or not.

    Don’t worry. Be happy! And, most of all, “Be Vigilant!”
    After all, Vigilance keeps Freedom alive and well.”

    May the Universe bless you with goodness, kindness, and just enough substance to make your brief existence worth living to you and to those you encounter along your path.


    1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM says:

      So well written. With all of the bru ha ha about women in the clergy, there are already women Catholic priests. I met two several years ago in southern Arizona and was really surprised. Oh, here is the website for Roman Catholic women priests: https://romancatholicwomenpriests.org/

  16. David L Gibson says:

    I have had amazing male pastors and likewise amazing female pastors.. but the most powerful team of pastors I EVER encountered was a husband and wife team of Ordained Ministers, working together to grow our church in tandem. So, what does that mean for this conversation is this.. our church was different from most “traditional” churches… The congregation had the final say in every aspect of the church’s life, financial decisions, charity causes, etc., Everyone had a vote, secondly, the pastor’s were EQUAL in their role, there wasn’t a pastor and asst. Pastor… Just pastors… ( That’s important to understand ). They took turns delivering the Sunday messages, depending on their working schedule outside of the church. We had deacons, a choir director, and children’s church director.. we had a board of directors to handle things like money, insurance, secretary duties, etc… All normal activities a church needs to function. We DID it ALL without any allegiance to a conference too. Because NOT one conference was willing to accept our charter. Because we were way beyond our time…

    1. Daniel says:

      I would agree that your church was before it’s time- but it’s about time to reclaim what your church modeled.
      One scripture not mentioned in other posts is that part in Genesis where it’s said that the two shall become of one flesh. I believe that this reflects more of the image of God; being as God exceeds the illusions of duality needed for a time-based reality. As such God has been grossly misidentified by many as being a male; which, if so, would prevent “him” from encompassing the totality of creation’s illusion of duality.
      God is neither male or female at the same “time” God is both. God is. We are.
      It’s like God’s position may well have been: “I think therefore I AM. I see therefore we are.
      If anything, the notion that God is a male may have come from interactions with what I call subcontractors: entities tasked with performing various tasks within the hierarchy of the heavens, which ascends/simplifies back to the true essence of the One.
      So, though male or female pastors are both allowable I think the combination of both is the closest we can get to having pastors mirror the nature of God, and not just the lopsided, dominance of a patriarchal system that actual limits moving beyond this plane of duality (which also tends to keep people locked into the half-ass dominance of a patriarch).

  17. Angel says:

    I don’t follow a particular religion, for these reasons. However, if your religion follows certain rules and proticols then you should follow those rules. If you don’t like it, then stop following that religion and find one or create one that is a better fit. Personally, I feel God could care less either way. But religion isn’t about God, it’s about a doctrine created by man set for the masses.

  18. Father Gene says:

    Women represent half the world’s brain power, compassion, and history. We are not so rich that we can ignore such wealth. A lot has happened in 2,000 years, we now know the earth isn’t flat as well as a lot of other stuff. Get over it. I welcome great women clerics in the same way I welcome great male clerics. I can learn from both. How about you?

  19. A druid says:

    I expect that women are excluded from the clergy because they don’t have the upper body strength for all that heavy lifting that is required of priests.

    1. lionheart2020 says:

      That is so true! I’m sure some altar boys can be quite heavy to lift and carry them away. 🤪

  20. Brother Greg says:

    I simply don’t believe that Christ would have ever said “sorry, you don’t qualify because you are a women”.

  21. William C Millhouse says:

    As a Pagan Priest, I find that this is not a problem. Sometimes, in Pagan circles, men are forced to take a back seat. I feel that there should be both. Although their roles are not the same, They deserve equal respect.

  22. Craig says:

    When Christianity first began is was very much a patriarchal society (many could claim we haven’t made much progress since then). However, things are-a-changing and women are as connected with God as any man. Jesus didn’t discriminate and God sure as heck doesn’t.

    We’re all created out of the Divine, and frankly I think the female perspective needs to be interjected into doctrine and religion.

    I’m content being labeled a heretic . . .

  23. Christine M Vaughan says:

    I believe women and men should be treated equally when it comes to becoming clergy and everything on Earth! Jesus and God both would agree.

    1. lionheart2020 says:

      Isn’t Jesus also God? I could never get my head around that one when I was messed up being a Christian.

  24. Thom says:

    I think each faith and there members should decide for themselves and it is none of our business

  25. Rev. Donald Miller says:

    I don’t understand what the problem is, as long as the person (Male or female) is bringing praise to God. I know a lot of Pastors that are female and they are doing a great job.

  26. Pastor Rob says:

    God does not change. His word is as solid as it was 2,000 + years ago.
    Women can teach women and children in Sunday School, but 2Timothy is clear. Again, the Bible does not change. It was given to us to adhere to. 2 Timothy says husband of one wife, NOT wife of one husband. Times change, the Bible does not.

    1. Dave Lister says:

      Yet there are glaring inconsistencies and omissions in the standard KJV. It was translated for King James (a man), with many, many books left out. It’s a wonderful guide, but…..

      1. lionheart2020 says:

        And don’t forget that there is a belief among theologians and historians that King James was homosexual. And that’s okay if he was. Just saying!

        I wonder if his sexual preference affected his decision making in any way when compiling/editing/translating the KJV? At least he left Sodom and Gomorrah in, and Songs of Solomon. 😜

        1. pcfield says:

          As a woman, I liked reading the part in the Bible that said, “Trust no man. Only the Spirit knows the ways of God, let the Spirit teach you the things of God.”

    2. Vicky says:

      “Times change, the Bible does not.”

      ALL things change and evolve. That which does not finds itself in opposition to Harmony and will eventually cease to exist.

  27. Father Paul says:

    My opinion: Females should absolutely be ordained clergy. It wasn’t but a couple generations ago in many locations that only women could be teachers (and as long as they stayed single), only women could be nurses (and as long as they stayed single). One of the attractions that drew me to Wicca was that the religion strongly recognized the gender duality of our species. Females are recognized as the moon, the male the sun; the holiness of maiden/mother/crone and the strength of the pantheon of goddesses.

  28. Bernard H. Smith says:

    I think that a woman minister would be good., times are changing , and God is the judge , let it happen if he does not it should be then he will not let it be, that’s my opinion,

  29. Edward Mahoney says:

    When I was a 7 year old boy, I joined the “He Man, woman haters club” just like Spanky and our gang. Then I grew up! Isn’t it time for organized religious groups to grow up too? Imagine if “Priesthood” was only allowed for blond haired, blue eyed, males who disdained normal sexual activity, We have come so far, that now light brown hair is sort of acceptable. It seems to me that it is time to encourage well adjusted married couples to co-pastor congregations.

  30. J.R. Bentley says:

    Why not? We should all know by now that it is all about the unity of mind, body, and spirit. These have no designated gender and are available to everyone. As long as one can put the eccentricities of man/men/women aside from these basic observed principles what does it matter? Joan of Arc was one of the most devote of Christians defending God and gave her life in belief. Are there no modern Joan of Arcs who can devote their lives to God and still lead as long as it is in a truly righteous direction?

  31. Larry Copeland says:

    Satan is doing good. Look how many argue for his trueth. God said it, Believe it go to heaven,change it any way you want will get you some place.else😇

  32. John C Thomas says:

    Bishop Thomas,
    I have read the post as by Mr Seth Dunn, who is a theologian as well as some ministers. ” Should Women be clergy?”

    Let me start with Mr. Seth, first, he has made an incorrect statement about it being biblical as too women clergy. More correctly stated, biblically speaking, women can not become a priestess. There is no biblical support for this in antiquity.
    As for minister Rene, she is wrong about the bible being made by a bunch of men around 400A.D. It was the 4th century and it was not made by men, but God Himself!

    Fact, throughout the history of the church of Christ, there is no support for women priestess. Jesus Himself chose twelve men to lead His Church as well as seventy others, all males. Jesus, taught the twelve how He wanted them to lead His Church. Those marching orders were taken seriously, as we see inPaul’s writing, “stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word(verbal teachings- these not found in bible but handed down though the leaders of the church), or our epistle(New Testament writings), see 2 Th 2:15; see also 2Th 3:6. These teachings of Christ are to be safeguarded by the church that Christ created, which is known today as the Orthodox Church, of which, in 1054 A.D. the church of Rome was cut off from, see 1 Ti 3:15. What minister Rene needs to be careful about is teaching that the bible came from men in 400.
    The word “priestess” is not found in the history of the Christian Church. However, clergy is a word that can be used for women the church ordained to carry out duties assigned to them. Instead of fighting about women priestess, we need to focus on what women are allowed to do in the Church of Christ, namely be clergy.
    The fight is mainly about consecration of the Body and Blood of Christ. So, allow women to do other things like baptisms, weddings, funerals, reading of the scriptures, etc…

    A little known fact that the church does not like to talk about is The la, or as the church or Rome calls her St. Thecla.
    St. Thecla, was a companion of the apostle Paul. He did not like what she was doing, but he himself could not stop her because he witnessed the Holy Spirit come down upon her. She did all the things that I mentioned above, but she did not consecrated the bread and wine.
    We must be careful about how we attack church’s who profess Christ as their God, this goes against His teachings and it does no good to those unbelievers who see us fighting one another.
    Discussions are needed for us to learn to understand the teachings of Christ and the apostles along with their disciples.
    As for the theologians who in the future that speak out on theological issues, I ask that you do so as you were taught, defend your statements. Give plenty of scripture references as well as historical evidence. Teach those you post to.

    On behalf of The Universal Life Church Bishop John Thomas.

  33. Brother Lloyd says:

    If your perticular faith or denomination allows it then fine, if not that’s fine to. Not everyone believes the same so why should we expect all faith’s be the same.

  34. oldaabill says:

    This falls into the “Russian propaganda on Facebook and Twitter made me vote for Hillary Clinton” category. If I don’t like women preaching, I can choose to go to another church. Women preaching, gay marriage in churches, “tolerance”, etc., are more about the love of money than the love of God.

  35. David Rediger says:

    Women can become Deaconesses, 1 Timothy 3:11. But not allowed to teach or hold authority over man, 1 Timothy 2:12.

    1. John Owens says:

      Good point, David. We can all just look at Don’s comments and see what happens when women hold authority over men.

  36. Peter Myers says:

    I love people who know what God wants. If God wants to call women to the ministry there’s NOTHING that mysoginistic men can do. Just because there aren’t women in the Bible as ministers doesn’t mean there can’t be today. After all, there’s no internet in the Bible, but we’re all happy to have this discussion via the internet! Test the vocation of a woman exactly as you would a man and find out if God is calling her.

    1. Lionheart says:

      Yes, we all know what God wants, just ask any Catholic Priest, or the Fairy God, or the Santa Clause God, or even the God of Wine and Beer………now that’s a God I can always pay homage to. I think the beer god is real, I read it in a beer magazine once. If it’s in print it must be true, right? If fact,……I think I’ll go down to my wine and “spirits” place right now and pay homage to my God. All Hail Dionysus, the God of ale!

  37. Secretary3rd says:

    Burn his church to the ground. Turn him into a Eunuch! Do upon him with glee all the pain before he shall upon ye.
    There is a Mosque where the imam is a women. It was built by women. It is run by women. Men who enter must sit in the back of the room. All women are welcome no matter what their faiths. Men on the other hand are not welcome have been known to be ask to leave the place. Women security are Dykes.
    That is one thing about America where all religions are on a equal footing. No one is above the other.
    One thing about this Mosque is that the pay county property taxes. It is the Will of God.

  38. Dan says:

    Read the web site 39 Popes and it will show you that the most prolific group of people preaching the Gospels up until the 900’s were women. Women have always been a big part of ministers in all denominations outside the US. For some reason this country has always had problems with women of power. It’s funny that people who use the Old Testament to rationalize that women should not be ministers are the same ones who reject the Old Testament when it doesn’t align with their narrow teachings

  39. John Owens says:

    A RIGHT? Does that mean like a “constitutional right”, a civil right? Why use that wording?

    1. John Owens says:

      How can anyone have a “right” to become a member of the clergy? The very thought of it being a “right” is preposterous.

  40. Daniel says:

    Somewhere in the new testament it mentions how the original christians were to meet together often to share their strengths while having their resources be “in common. As such, it was MUCH closer to socialism than to the inherent dominance and exploitation of capitalism; which fits so nicely with the mistaken notion of the dominant patriarch paradigm.
    Another example: when they asked Christ if he was God he basically said that when he was in alignment with God he was one with God, in the same way that anyone who followed his examples would be one with him and one with God. There was no limitation on this only applying to males. As such, any woman who follows the Christ heart examples is also one with the Christ and one with God. One of the Christ heart examples was being a faithful shepherd and servant for a flock of others. So, OF COURSE women are capable of leading a congregation. The only problem is with the current paradigm of the dominant patriarch; which was even more of an issue during the incarnation of Isua the Christ.

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