Few individuals have shown as much hard work, expertise, and dedication to bringing happiness and opportunity to their fellow human being as Br. Daniel Brooks Chapin. Not only has Br. Chapin proved his selfless devotion to others by providing services to those suffering from mental trauma, but he has also participated in the advancement of social justice causes. Using his pastoral training background, he has applied the principles of civil justice in his role as officiant at many non-denominational wedding ceremonies and has continued these laudable efforts here at Universal Life Church Monastery. It is with great compassion and gratitude, therefore, that we watch him leave his post as Vice-President at the Church to grieve the recent passing of his mother, and to return home to care for his ailing father.

Throughout his career, Br. Chapin has successfully combined his natural altruism with real-life experience as well as rigorous training in various fields in order to better effect social change. Demonstrating his concern for the mental well-being of others, he attended the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress as well as the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, where he became board certified in acute traumatic and critical incident stress management, the knowledge of which he applied as Rehabilitation Specialist at the Mental Health Association of Orange County. Moreover, his past role as President at non-profit organizations such as the Coalition for the Advancement of Civil Justice illustrates his commitment to equality, fairness, and progress.

Br. Chapin’s work in ministry and wedding officiation reflects a similar set of ideals along with the talent needed to put them to use. An ordained minister, his studies in sociology and theology at Loyola Marymount University and his degree in Christian chaplaincy from UCMI Pastoral Training Institute have provided him with the necessary training for the co-ordination and performance of wedding ceremonies at Always and Forever – Southern California Weddings, where he currently serves as Administrator and Primary Officiant. Br. Chapin’s ministry has extended beyond the co-ordination of weddings, however, and, as a certified pastoral counselor, TIPS-certified specialist in drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and a certified teenager/child grief counselor, he has sought to ensure the health and happiness of the couples he marries as well as their families.

All of his valuable skills and life experience Br. Chapin has brought with him to his vice-presidency at Universal Life Church Monastery, which has undoubtedly grown and flourished as a consequence. He himself has eloquently expressed the high purpose and the profound impact of progressive ministerial work at the Church on the Universal Life Church Monastery blog, and what a selflessly rewarding privilege it is for the ordained minister. It is only appropriate to mention how instrumental his managerial role has been in the continuing success of the Church, and how greatly he will be missed. We send Br. Chapin our sympathy over the loss of his mother, and we wish his father an imminent recovery.

Welcoming Bruce Taylor

With our loss of Br. Chapin, we are happy to announce the appointment of Br. Bruce Taylor to our Board of Directors. Br. Taylor has been an ordained minister since 1978 and currently operates a successful and well-respected newspaper which serves the local business community of the mid-Willamette valley of Oregon. We believe his wide-ranging experience and skills will be a highly relevant and valuable contribution to our ministry.

New ULC Monastery Vice President Bruce TaylorAs an ordained minister, Br. Taylor possesses first-hand, practical knowledge of wedding officiation, wedding laws, community outreach, and the ordination process. His ability to reach out to those seeking an open-minded and welcoming church experience has been well demonstrated during his more than thirty years of ministry, while he has shown dedication to making the institution of marriage welcoming and fulfilling for diverse groups of people. Also, Br. Taylor’s background in ministry and theology has given him the opportunity to provide friendly and non-judgmental spiritual counsel to those who might otherwise feel like outsiders to the church.

In addition to his background in ministry, Br. Taylor has a long track record of competency in business operations and management, which will prove indispensable in church administration. Br. Taylor’s entrepreneurial and leadership skills are evident in his ability to forge a community of business leaders through his publication, Salem Business Journal. Through his experience in the publishing industry, he has been able to collaborate with others in order to provide useful and relevant information to the community on banking, real estate, marketing, technology, construction, and other business-related fields. Br. Taylor’s managerial and collaborative skills will be invaluable in his position on our Board of Directors.

Br. Taylor is also a husband and father of three. He and his wife reside in Oregon. Two of their children are currently attending college, while their oldest son is currently serving on active military duty. A true humanitarian at heart, Br. Taylor is dedicated, principled, imaginative, and professional in all of his endeavors. We are honored to have his service in our church and look forward to working with him to help our spiritual community grow and flourish.

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