October 13, 2009 – It may come as somewhat of a surprise, to learn clergy in Washington DC were reluctant to aide State Attorney Glenn Ivey with his campaign to address the growing problem of domestic violence in the country. In a recent article written for The Washington Post, Ivey describes the shocking experience he had listening to commentary from the public on the radio and television in response to superstar Chris Brown’s alleged beating of his celebrity girlfriend, Rihanna.

“At least initially, a large contingent of people thought that Rihanna was guilty until proven innocent. Not only were they willing to defend Brown, but they also seemed convinced that she must have done something to “deserve” being beaten.”

DC Clergy were hesitant to assist State Attorney Ivey with his call for action, against domestic violence. Instead he was met with statements such as,

“”Brother, it’s a little hot to talk about that one.’ Or, ‘Well, I’ll take it up, and we’ll form a task force and get back to you.’ . . . And then there are churches where the response to the victim is, ‘You have to stick it out.’ “

As Ivey has brought to light, domestic violence and even hate crimes in this country have become a sensitive political issue; which the Universal Life Church Monastery believes should make it even that much more important to all American’s, believers and non-believers alike.

“We are advocates of the Good Life” and as such we encourage all people, ULC ministers and clergy from all faiths to aspire to such public advocacy and to not cower before those who propagate hate.

Get involved and encourage others to do the same, become ordained today.


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The Washington Post – Glenn F. Ivey

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