September 14, 2009- Today is an unusual day. In Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada we have recently run into much difficulty in trying to re-instate the policies and practices allowing our Ministers to perform weddings in Las Vegas. Unfortunately the County Clerk, Shirley Parraguirre was a stand in the door kind of obstacle. We saw Shirley as an opponent of equal rights for our ULC Ministers. We had reached the preliminary steps to bringing litigation against Clark County and its County Clerk, Shirley Parraguirre. Yet, we must say that the human side of every issue dictates cordiality and respect and the appreciation of human life. When one’s soul passes on it diminishes each of us. Shirley died of Leukemia on Monday August 31st; we send our condolences to her family and friends, hoping to build upon a new tomorrow in memory of Shirley.


Br. G. Martin Freeman, President
Universal Life Church Monastery
Seattle, WA

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