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August 8th

Thank You Universal Life Church!

I would not be a minister today if it were not for the Universal Life Church. Check them out here:

The Universal Life Church(ULC) is a non-profit organization that ordains ministers of all belief-systems. Becoming a minister is made simple with this organization. I believe that is a good thing! Yes, the existence of this church means anyone can become a minister. But, is that really a problem?

In the past, people with bad morals and bad intentions have become ministers. Look at the Roman Catholic Church’s history. There have been quite a few bad Popes. We also know of the child-abuse scandals throughout America. At least now, all belief systems have the same chance to become ministers and make their own mistakes.

That’s a big gain in rights! You know you’ve gone far when you’re given the chance to [f***] up. Its called responsibility! The ULC allows people of all belief systems to become ministers and to exercise their rights as a minister. The law in some counties is that only someone backed by a church can be a Wedding Officiant.

Well, I’m backed by a church thanks to the ULC! I can legally marry people in my home county. I can do everything a priest does, but I’ll be doing it for atheists(sans the child abuse of course). Again, thats a big gain in rights! Atheists are always fighting for separation of church and state. I agree that its not right for religion to have such a strong influence on goverment. But, we vote according to our beliefs and a person’s religion really determines their beliefs. Try as we might, we cannot get rid of religion.

We fight for separation of church and state, but maybe that’s backwards. Are we fighting all churches or just the ones who fly the Christian flag? We can never truly separate church and state because, like I said, people’s beliefs are influenced by religion. Instead, I believe we should fight so that all churches and all belief systems can be a part of the state. This will lead to more compromise and fairness.

Society is not composed soley of monotheists and atheists. The ULC understands this and accepts people of all belief systems. The ULC gives everyone the opportunity to be a responsible minister. I now have almost the same rights that a minister of a traditional Christian church does. Let’s hope this expansion of rights will continue to all the people of this country no matter their beliefs. Let’s hope that one day Freethinkers, Christians, Buddhists, New Agers, and everyone else will have the same amount of influence on their surroundings.



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