July 28, 2009 – It may come as no surprise to hear that another Pastor has found himself in the middle of what many would consider scandalous behavior, un-befitting of a man of the Gospel. Early morning on the 26th , perhaps before worship, South Charleston Pastor Michael Agnello was pulled over by Dunbar Police Cpl. M.W. Lester; who noticed the Pastor driving erratically and drifting between lanes at approximately 1:30 am Sunday morning. Officer Lester recalled that the Pastor’s Jeep, “smelled strongly of alcohol and his eyes were glassy.”1 Pastor Agnello failed all three field sobriety tests administered by the officer, admitting that he had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel. Subsequently, Pastor Agnello was arrested by the Dunlap police officer and charged with aggravated DUI. The Pastor had blown a .173 on the intoximeter, the legal limit is .08.

“If found guilty of the offense, Agnello could spend two days to six months in jail and be fined up to $1,000. No hearing date has been set yet.”1

Even more troubling to find is a history of corrupt behavior, the Pastor was previously involved in a scandal that ruined his TV Ministry in 1988 after committing adultery, that story can be read here.


1. West Virginia Gazette

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