Dear President Barack Obama,

As a young man I recall the transitions and issues of twelve presidents, the issues that confronted them and the strategies they used to overcome those problems with leadership. If I may, I offer the wisdom of those decades. You were confronted perhaps more than any president, save Lincoln, Washington and Roosevelt, with a perplexity of problems. You have raised the hopes and ambitions of America in desperate need of guidance and leadership.

Your friends are questioning the truth of your words; even the loyal opposition has raised the same issue, Gays in the military and your support or rejection of DOMA and DADT. You are in a quandary. As a young man, I suspect that you do have the audacity to realize your own problems. I offer you a simple solution; ask Dick Cheney and General Colin Powell to head up a commission to implement equality for Gays in the military. Thus, allowing anyone to state a simple fact that they are created by their creator the way that God planned it. Mr. Cheney’s daughter is Gay because her God planned it that way. You are half black and half white because your God planned it that way. God and Nature control sexual orientation and race. It is time that you speak truth to the wonderment of God’s creation; that we are all children of the same universe.


G. Martin Freeman, Presiding Chaplain

Universal Life Church Monastery

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