One of America’s most trusted government funded public news sources, the Voice of America, recently broadcast a story on traditional minister alternatives in the United States.

Other Web sites offering free and immediate ordination services include the Universal Life Church Monastery and the Church of Spiritual Humanism. The Universal Life Church says it welcomes all people who show interest in becoming ministers, whether they are religious or not. The church claims to have ordained more than twenty million ministers online around the world.

One of those people is writer George Estreich of Corvallis, Oregon. Exactly five months ago, he performed his first wedding ceremony. The groom was Michael Filtz, the younger brother of his wife. The bride was Mallika Good.


Congratulations Michael and Mallika, and congratulations to George for performing his first wedding.

In California, ULC weddings are happening as well…

Bridget Ellen Marnane, a travel executive, and Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach, were married Saturday evening aboard the yacht Regent Sea. Joel L. Eve, a minister of the Universal Life Church and the captain of the yacht, officiated in the Pacific near Marina del Rey, Calif.


Congratulations Ellen and Evan, and let us not forget about the thousands of same-sex marriages that could be affected by Proposition 8.

– Voice of America
New York Times

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