Last Wednesday, the South Carolina House of Representatives passed a measure approving a controversial specialty license plate. The plate bears Christian symbols and the words “I Believe.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Larry Grooms has authored and backed other legislation that seeks to allow displays of faith in public areas. Along with roughly 100 other specialty plates, mostly NASCAR themed, South Carolinians will be able to purchase a “Choose Life SC” plate.

Opposition to the license plate is building.

“People can express their views however they want, on a bumper sticker” said Ronald Lindsay, director of the First Amendment Task Force for the Council for Secular Humanism, a New York-based group. “Once you get into the license plate area, that’s an official government document, or tag. There is simply no need for it.”

Among the groups pledging to oppose the bill if it passes the senate is the American Jewish Congress whose general counsel, Marc Stern told the press,

“There must be something more important to deal with in South Carolina,” Stern said. “The Legislature wants to be on record saying that they like Christians.”

HT: The Post and Courier

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