…or so said a billboard in Orange County, Florida. MediaNet, the company that leases the billboard for $1400 per month, claimed ignorance saying that the sign was put up illegally at night without their knowledge. That’s a hard sell considering the sign’s six-week run starting the week before Easter and ending April 25.

According to a local TV station, restaurants in the sign’s shadow reported a decline in business over the same period, attributing their losses to the controversial billboard. Some locals even thought nearby business had a hand in the sign.

Above the pavement, vehicles and pedestrian traffic this sign boldly delivered its message for over a month. It might have caused some to question their faith and actually examine their beliefs. Others, feeling persecuted, may have been fortified in their godly convictions.

Harvard professor Steven Pinker writes “…there has been an inexorable trend: The deeper we probe these questions, and the more we learn about the world in which we live, the less reason there is to believe in God.” We still do not know what motivated the provocateur behind the billboard but in light of the ‘trend’ to which Pinker refers, it doesn’t seem out of place.

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