Lancaster County legislator Katie True is running scared. In a cordial but direct letter to her legislator, a constituent ULC minister challenged Ms. True on her support of PA House Bill 1099. The ULC minister wrote:
“PA House Bill 1099 is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States of America.”

and later…

“There is no human being in the universe that can know the will of God and which religion is right or wrong. Do not presume that you can or do know God’s will.”


“The very idea of entertaining this bill at all places you at great
risk, as it would clearly cause you to violate your Oath of Office to
protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.”

“This violation, by definition, is an act of treason. With that fact in
mind, know that engaging in this disgusting perversion of the law puts you at personal and professional risk.”

This part of the letter seems to have struck a nerve with Ms. True and instead of explaining her position, maybe for lack of a cogent argument, she cowardly replied:

“I find your…email threatening and have forwarded it to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s office.”

The ULC minister ended her letter with the following powerful question and declaration.

“Which religion would the Officers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have me follow? The Roman Catholic Church, who harbors and protects rampant pedophilia? The Muslim Faith, where men, women and children are used as human bombs? I choose the Universal Life Church.”

What is implied in the letter is that Ms. True’s own actions are putting her at “personal and professional risk”. The ULC minister enumerated this in her letter, explaining that The Constitution enjoins law makers and judges from abrogating the constitutional rights of the individual and that individual in turn has legal recourse to pursue damages against those who seek to deny them.

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