Idaho Wedding Laws

How to Perform a Wedding in Idaho

The state of Idaho has a relatively simple set of marriage laws, though it is important that any ordained minister desiring to perform a Idaho wedding ensure that they adhere to these policies in a prompt manner to ensure the legality of the marriage.

How to Become an Ordained Minister in Idaho

Idaho allows state judges and magistrates to officiate weddings, along with ordained Christian ministers, Jewish rabbis, and anyone with a religious or non-religious organization. Officers of non-religious organizations may need to establish that they have been authorized by their respective organization to solemnize a marriage. Universal Life Church Monastery ministers who are ordained online do meet this requirement, with ULC Monastery’s assistance.

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony in Idaho

So long as a person is able to establish that they are authorized to perform a wedding ceremony, the state of Idaho is largely unconcerned with the format of that ceremony. Though you often do not require witnesses to receive a marriage license in Idaho, it is necessary that an authorized officiant be present at the ceremony to examine the validity of the marriage certificate and act as a witness to the wedding. An ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery might find it helpful to view our three-step guide to conducting a wedding ceremony - a useful tool we have provided as part of our online seminary.

Marriage Paperwork Required in Idaho

Ministers ordained online may be required to present some type of proof that they have been authorized by their religious organization to officiate a wedding. This could include presentation of an ordination credential. Depending on the county, you may also be required to submit a Letter of Good Standing to the county clerk before you will be able to officiate the wedding. After a couple has applied for and received a marriage license from their respective county clerk within Idaho. There is no expiration on the license.

Idaho Marriage Laws



Marriage may be solemnized by either a current or retired justice of the Supreme Court, a current or retired court of appeals judge, a current or retired district judge, any federal judge, the current or a former governor, lieutenant governor, a current or retired magistrate of the district court, mayor, priest or minister of the gospel of any denomination. To be a retired justice of the supreme court, court of appeals judge, district judge or magistrate judge of the district court, for the purpose of solemnizing marriages, a person shall have served in one (1) of those offices and shall be receiving a retirement benefit from either the judges retirement system or the public employee retirement system for service in the judiciary.

Gay Marriage and Same Sex Wedding Laws:

This state currently bans same-sex marriage by Constitutional Amendment and State Law.

The Monastery Ordination Credential

To perform a marriage in Idaho you need to be ordained and may be required to provide proof of ordination such as an ordination credential, wallet credential, or a letter of good standing from the church.

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Idaho Wedding Laws by County

Lewis County Clerk

510 Oak Street
Room 1
Nezperce, Idaho
Phone: (208) 937-2661
Fax: (208) 937-9234
Lewis County Clerk website »

Lincoln County Clerk

111 West B Street
Suite C
Shoshone, Idaho
Phone: (208) 886-7641
Fax: (208) 886-2798

Madison County Recorder

P.O. Box 389
Rexburg, Idaho
Phone: (208) 356-3662
Fax: (208) 356-8396
Madison County Recorder website »

Minidoka County Recorder

P.O. Box 368
Rupert, Idaho

Phone: (208) 436-9511
Fax: (208) 436-9061
Minidoka County Recorder website »

Nez Perce County Recorder

P.O. Box 896
Lewiston, Idaho

Phone: (208) 799-3020
Fax: (208) 799-3070
Nez Perce County Recorder website »

Oneida County Clerk

10 Court Street
Malad City, Idaho

Phone: (208) 766-4116
Fax: (208) 766-2448
Oneida County Clerk website »

Owyhee County Clerk

P.O. Box 128
Murphy, Idaho

Phone: (208) 495-2421
Fax: (208) 495-1173
Owyhee County Clerk website »

Payette County Recorder

1130 3rd Avenue North
Room 104
Payette, Idaho
Phone: (208) 642-6000
Fmx: (208) 642-6011
Payette County Recorder website »

Power County Clerk

543 Bannock Avenue
American Falls, Idaho
Phone: (208) 226-7611
Fmx: (208) 226-7612
Power County Clerk website »

Shoshone County Clerk

700 Bank Street
Suite 120
Wallace, Idaho
Phone: (208) 752-1264
Fax: (208) 752-8881

Teton County Recorder

89 North Main #1
Driggs, Idaho
Phone: (208) 354-2905
Fmx: (208) 354-8410
Teton County Recorder website »

Twin Falls County Recorder

P.O. Box 126
Twin Falls, Idaho

Phone: (208) 736-4004
Fax: (208) 736-4182
Twin Falls County Recorder website »

Valley County Recorder

P.O. Box 1350
Cascade, Idaho
Phone: (208) 382-4297
Fax: (208) 382-7107
Valley County Recorder website »

Washington County Clerk

P.O. Box 670
Weiser, Idaho
Phone: (208) 549-2092
Fax: (208) 414-3925
Washington County Clerk website »