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Letter of Good Standing
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Letter of Good Standing


You may request this official notarized Letter of Good Standing for a state that requires legal proof of current or past registration. If you are unsure, phone or visit the county clerk in the jurisdiction where the wedding will occur and ask if you need to register. Please do not present your printed online receipt of credentials to the county clerk.

Certain states require additional documentation. The Monastery will provide the appropriate documentation, including this Letter of Good Standing. We remind you to visit our Marriage Laws and read the laws for the state where in the wedding is taking place.

Requesting a Letter of Good Standing is acknowledgment of your Universal Life Church ordination. This notarized letter bears the live signature of an authorized church official.

To become registered in NEW YORK CITY or NEVADA:
Certain regulations require additional paperwork which we need to prepare for you. This letter alone will not allow you to become registered. Please order one of the following packages:

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