Discovering Alien Life May Be Good for ULC Ministers

June 28th, 2012
The effect of discovering alien life on religion and the ULC

Lately, on the ULC Monastery blog, we’ve been taking an in-depth look at scientific progress in the search for extraterrestrial life, asking our ordained ministers and wedding officiants how they think discovering life beyond Earth would affect religion. According to … Continue reading

What Does the Big Bang Theory Mean for Ministers?

June 26th, 2012
ULC ministers have different views on the beginning of time

What does cutting-edge research in cosmology mean for the work of those who want to become a minister? Will new insight into the origin of the cosmos render the online church irrelevant? At a recent conference in Santa Clara, California, … Continue reading

Should Ministers Defend the U.S. Air Force’s Stance on Religion in the Military?

June 25th, 2012
The Air Force has made some changes in how it deals with soldiers' religious practices within their ranks

A group of sixty-six U.S. Republican lawmakers have accused the U.S. Air Force of nurturing “a culture that is hostile toward religion.” In response, the Air Force has asserted that service members maintain the right to exercise their religion freely … Continue reading

Does Belief in Hell Reduce Crime?

June 21st, 2012
There is a correlation between higher crime rates and citizens not having a belief in hell

Religion has long been viewed as a deterrent to immoral behavior, but individual religious beliefs may play a particularly important role. A recent study published in the Library of Science Journal PLoS ONE suggests that places where people believe more … Continue reading

Should Churches Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status?

June 19th, 2012
Constituents of the University of Tampa examine the impact revoking the tax exemptions for religious institutions would have on our economy

A recent study suggests that the United States stands to gain a lot by revoking the tax-exempt status of churches and other religious organizations. In fact, the country could gain billions of dollars annually to fund public services and help … Continue reading

As Americans Become Less Religious, Churches Must Change

June 18th, 2012
Churches that are out-of-touch with the times are being abodoned by each new generation

With the recent surge in efforts to roll back advances in women’s reproductive rights and marriage equality for gays and lesbians, it’s easy to believe the United States is becoming more religious than ever. However, a new survey by the … Continue reading

The Power of Water

June 15th, 2012
dove made out of water splashes

We interact with water every day.  It’s in our cells, we consume it, wash with it and even play in it.  For us – for life in general – there’s no denying its importance.  But what metaphysical properties does it … Continue reading

The Truth Behind the Birth Control Debate

June 13th, 2012
Research shows that Plan B contraceptive pills prevent fertalization rather than destroy zygotes

While the rest of the developed world has moved on, the United States languishes in a protracted, politicized debate over contraception funding. Now, anti-abortion activist David Bereit has joined a coalition of groups opposing the contraception requirement of America’s Affordable … Continue reading

Why Did a British Town Snub a “Witch Hunt” Art Project?

June 11th, 2012
The 17th Centuary saw the witch trials in both Pendle and Salem

2012 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch Trials, among the most infamous witch trials in Britain. In commemoration, a local artist proposed a hillside art installation in Pendle, where the accused witches lived, but local officials ultimately rejected … Continue reading

Vatican Condemns Nun’s Book on Sexuality

June 7th, 2012
Rogue Catholic nun Sister Margaret Farley is being condemned by the Catholic church for releasing an award-winning book on sexuality

The Vatican is ramping up its efforts to rein in a host of unruly nuns. A few days ago, it criticized a group of U.S. nuns for teaching “radical feminist ideology,” focusing too much on poverty, and turning a blind … Continue reading